Lawyer Held in Contempt for Courtroom Photo of Restrained Defendant

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Lawyer Michael Gregory of Louisiana, was minding his own business in the courtroom gallery during a sentencing hearing, when he snapped a cell phone photo of the accused, who on the judge’s order, had his mouth taped by the court bailiff.

The accused, Michael Duhon, was being sentenced for theft exceeding $25,000 and money laundering, and although represented by counsel, he continued to annoy Judge Marilyn Castle by interrupting the proceedings, despite numerous warnings from her.

Judge Castle ordered Mr. Gregory to attend at a contempt hearing a week after the event, where he appeared with throngs of supporters. Despite his submissions, Judge Castle advised that she was bound to find him in contempt of court as there was a strict rule that court proceedings were not to be recorded. She fined him $100 and barred him from bringing his cell phone into court for a period of 6 months.

She ignored his entreaties for an adjournment to obtain counsel and denied his motion that she recuse herself as she would be a witness in the contempt hearing.

Mr. Gregory plans to appeal.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

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