Jersey Boy Frankie Valli Wins in Divorce Court

DSC00280How much do we love Frankie Valli? Tons! From Big Girls Don’t Cry to Walk Like a Man to Ragdoll…he’s the boss! And yes, I’ve seen the musical Jersey Boys and will probably see it again.

This week California’s Supreme Court gave Mr. Valli, who the San Jose Mercury News says is 80 years old (shock and awe!) a gift in the form of a reversal of an appeal court decision that said he was not entitled to 50 per cent of a $3.75 million life insurance policy purchased just before he separated from his third wife, Randy Valli in 2003.
California is a community property state which means that assets acquired during a marriage are split equally upon marriage breakdown. In this case Mr. Valli used family monies to purchase the policy on his life, but he made his wife the owner of the policy, as well as the beneficiary. He testified that he expected his wife to divvy up the insurance proceeds among his three children upon his death.

But Frankie didn’t die, he got divorced. His wife took the position that the policy and its cash value, about $375,000 at the date of separation, belonged to her and the lower court agreed.

It took seven judges of California’s highest court to right the wrong. As the Mercury News reports many thought that Valli’s ex-wife was being particularly greedy since it was reported that he pays her $500,000 a month in spousal support. Yes, you read that correctly! (But my research says that FV makes about $500,000 a month so the San Jose paper must have that wrong)

This living legend still performs, he’ll be headlining the July 4, 2014 Celebration in Washington, DC, and the movie “Jersey Boys” is due for release on June 20, 2014. Clint Eastwood is the director.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


16 thoughts on “Jersey Boy Frankie Valli Wins in Divorce Court

  1. Frankie Valli sued Randy in court in California in May while she was gravely ill with Leukemia at Sloan Kettering in New York… intensive care. ….Over his own life insurance policy which they purchased during their marriage. Randy had no intention – at any time – to cash in that policy. It was to protect her sons. That’s an insane inference on anyone’s part. Especially her ex-husbands.

    Randy was transferred to Cleveland Clinic for a last effort to save her life on June 27th. She passed away at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio on July 4th.

    Randy was semi or unconscious since approximately the end of May/first of June. She had flown to New York on Dec 24th and was hospitalized with Leukemia having just survived an intense year of chemo & radiation for breast cancer in Los Angeles. She had three weeks “cancer free” before being told she had developed leukemia. She was totally unable to defend herself. She had no significant spousal support and her sons child support was expired due to their age (over 18).

    I’m tired of reading lies about this extraordinary, dynamic, fireball of a woman. She loved her sons beyond all else in life and everything she did was for their protection. There would be no “Jersey Boys” – on stage or screen – if it hadn’t been for Randy.

    Losing Randy is a horrible blow for her sons and for her sister, mother and all of her friends, including me. She was a gracious, deeply caring and loving person. She was bubbly and passionate about life and made every attempt to enjoy every day. She was only 54 years old.

    The constant battles between Randy and her ex defined the fine line between love and hate, in my opinion.

    I appreciate your attempt here to provide some clarity on behalf of her memory.

  2. A Girl Named Randy

    On July 4th at Ten am the world lost an amazing soul,
    Randy Valli

    A lot of Randy’s friends said she chose this day to let go of her lengthy battle with cancer because she never did anything small.
    She went out with a bang, because Randy’s personality was large.
    She had a big smile, big laugh. Dark Red Hair. Fair Skinned. Big sparkling blue eyes.
    She was a red, white and blue firecracker!

    Randy loved her three sons with all of her heart and soul. They were her life. Randy wanted so much to live. Beat her cancer. See her sons succeed in life, get married, have children of their own. She wanted to buy each one of them homes near her home in Malibu. Build a compound. Surround her life with a joyful family life of love and happiness and fulfillment of see her sons do things that would make a circle of doing and bringing wonderful things back to this earth. Randy wanted to find love. It was hard for her to find new love, because she still harbored love for her ex. She did not date since her divorce seven years ago.
    She loved her home in Malibu. Found great peace in looking out at the sea. She appreciated everything around her. Every detail, she took nothing for granted.
    She loved her Siberian husky dog, Bandit.
    She loved her friends tremendously.
    She loved her church in Malibu.
    She loved doing things for charities, giving back.
    She loved her sister, mother, nieces, nephews, brothers, cousins, step-father, spoke of all of them so very much … her family … still living and those deceased.
    If she saw someone who needed something, food, clothing. She would quietly provide. She had empathy. She had sympathy. She cared. When she helped someone … that person would not know it came from Randy, she did it without the pat on the back, she did it without the cameras rolling.
    Where ever we went, we wound up having people sitting around us in tables next to us talk to us. And then, making new friends. People in New York. In Beverly Hills. In Malibu. Singers. Writers. Art Gallery owners. Etc. People who I still keep in contact with. Amazing. Randy was a people magnet. It was her smile. Her voice. Her ways. She was real. She was open. I am shy. I thank Randy for new friends found in this manner. This is now a closed thread for me. But one I thank Randy for, in all the years we shared as friends for new friends made because of her outgoing ways. Randy was always sunshine.
    Randy loved life. She loved being. She loved people. She cared about injustices. She cared about truths. Honesty. But not at the cost of hurting others. She took a lot of personal hurt in order not to hurt others.
    Being the ex of someone famous, she took a lot of flack in the press. Untruths. She let it be, so her sons would not get in the middle of battles. She wanted them to love their father. That was so important to her. Love of family was so important to her. I wish I could right the wrongs that is printed in the press, but she did not do it, so how can I do it for her now, if she chose not to? She was married for a long time. She asked for so little to cover her medical expenses for her cancer treatments and the fact that her boys still lived at home and were going to college and she was paying for all of that. Ten thousand a month … when her ex earns over five hundred thousand a month for over twenty years of marriage, plus Randy starting to write a book about his life while they were married, resulting in the play, with over 18 pages still in the play verbatim is not being greedy. Her medical expenses were over that per month, let alone other expenses for the boys and household expenses. I just do not understand how the press was fed the untruths, bought into it any of it, and call her names. So sad. So unkind. You would think her ex would want to provide for her, the mother of his children, that would be the usual true Italian man way. But mine is not to reason why. She is now in Heaven. They all have to deal with their actions now. How can anyone say get a job to a full time mother in her fifties, motherhood is a full time job … especially when there is not a father there, and then you have terminal cancer on top of it all. Randy is at peace now. I hope. Those still on Earth know the truth of what was not so. The lies that were told. I feel sorry for them. They cannot right the wrong they did to her now. They have to live with what they did to her forever. But they say there is forgiveness in Heaven. The thing is this, that with Randy, and her love of her children, Randy was all forgiveness on Earth, she truly was all forgiveness with her children, her ex, her controlling friends, her other family members, her illness, and life. She tolerated all. Randy took her cancer and all the big blows in stride. She was the most forgiving soul I have ever met in my life. She taught me so much. I am so blessed to have met her, and know her, and call her sister friend.
    There is only one thing we take with us when we leave this earth, and that is our reputation. I just feel sad that they tainted her reputation with lies in the press, and she chose not to defend it, for the love and the sake of her boys, so her boys would not harbor any unkindness towards their father. This was the ultimate sacrifice for a mother to display. I only wish these boys could truly understand and see this. Know this with all of their hearts.
    Randy and I lived next door to each other. We did a lot of fun things together. I would go to her house. She would come over to mine. We would go to a lot of places in Malibu. We would go for walks along the beach. We watched schools of dolphins swim in the waves in Zuma Beach. An awesome sight. We talked to each other every day, and if she ever heard in my voice that that I was not feeling well … either physically … or emotionally, that I was either sick with severe allergies, or blue, because it was for example … my daughter who is not on earth anymore … birthday …Randy would tell me that she would be over in fifteen minutes to take me to either urgent care or do something special for Kimberly’s day … and when I would tell her … no I am not up to it … Randy would then tell me she would be there in fourteen minutes … and when I would protest … Randy would then say thirteen minutes, and then twelves minutes … and eleven … and less and less, if I continued to protest. That is what kind of amazing and true friend she was. No one else was ever like her. I will miss her every day for the rest of my life. The same procedure if she was not feeling well. The problem was when she became ill with cancer, she had to be careful about others not feeling well to be around her, and I had to really be sure to watch it with not to infect her with all of my allergies, so we had to confine it more to phone calls and texting and emails once she became ill, instead of actually being there. Once Randy went to New York, I could not go see her, between the selling of my homes, resulting in fast moves, and stress of these moves which kept me constantly ill, I would not be allowed into her room, I was constantly ill with severe bronchitis. But we maintained our relationship through phone calls, and text messages. I am so grateful to have my forever written messages from her. Her jokes. Her words of wisdom. Her pictures. Her ups, and her downs. Her fighting through this. All the way to her saying she is at peace with this now … that she just can’t fight anymore, because of the last straw that was foisted upon her. That Insurance policy was important to her, because she wanted to protect the twins. Have money for them, because she felt they would not be provided for. Plain and simple. She was dying of cancer in New York. Could not defend herself in this matter. It was the final blow. It was her only way to make sure the twins would have something from their father. And now that was compromised. Randy could no longer fight. She was tired. Tired of it all. Tired of the lies. Tired of fighting everything. Within a month and a half, she was gone.
    She had been at Sloan Kettering since the 24th of December 2013, in attempts to get help for the horrid news that her long term breast cancer fight had now developed into acute myeloid leukemia. Randy lost her battle at the Cleveland Clinic on July fourth. Her family took her there for a last ditch attempt. Randy was cremated. There was a funeral for her for family only in New York. Her ashes have come back to where she wanted to come back, to the place she called home, wanted to come back to so much, the place she loved so much, found so much peace in watching the ocean … back to Malibu, back to her home. She is here now, for an eternity. Not as she hoped with her dark red hair, and fair skin and twinkling blue eyes, and with her big laugh. But, for me, she will always be here as the firecrackers off shore every fourth of July … she went out with a bang … on the fourth of July … as she lived here … bigger than life every day .. with every ounce of her kind deeds … and love … and goodness of her heart and spirit and soul.

    1. I am so sorry to learn of Randy’s passing. My sincerest condolences. She sounds like a remarkable woman. Rest assured that not one good deed she did went unnoticed by the only one that counts and that’s our Lord.
      When hardships come and they come to everyone of us in one form or another, we can take refuge in the one who created us.

  3. Yes, Randy passed away on the fourth of July. She battled cancer for over a year. Why Frankie did not acknowledge this at all? Ask him? He is the only one who knows what and why he does the awful things he does and did to Randy, the awful lies in the press. She did not fight him back because of he protection and love for her three sons.

  4. So sorry fort your loss.she sounds like she was a wonderful person. As far Frankie just remember what goes around comes around! He will pay in the end.

  5. My sister Randy gave those around her unconditional love, whether they deserved it or not, and one day her words will be told.

    1. Joanne, I did not know your sister but I feel for you. My condolences. She sounds like a wonderful person. I am so sorry for her sons. What a tragic loss for them. We always need our Mom’s. My own Mom just celebrated her 99th birthday, sound mind and body, so I consider myself so blessed. I cannot imagine a life without a mother to help guide us. When tough times come regardless of age we need our mothers. I am so very sorry for your loss. Just know she is now in a beautiful place enjoying time with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

  6. Randy keep a transcript of the book that she was writing, Big Girls Do Girl… with all the details of her marriage to Frankie, her children, and her divorce, and started to add her last years of her life and dealing with first breast cancer and then leukemia , and all the turmoil that she was put through as she battle the fight for her life.

    1. Joanne, I didn’t know your sister but I feel for you. My condolences. She sounds like such a wonderful, warm person. I am so sorry for her sons! What a tragic loss for them and all those that loved her. We always need our Moms. My own Mom just celebrated her 99th birthday, sound mind and body. I feel so blessed to still have her. I cannot imagine life without a Mom to help guide us when we need help, When tough times come regardless of our age, we need our mothers. I am so very sorry for your loss. Just rest assured she is now in a beautiful place enjoying time with our Lord, Jesus Christ. Rest in that.

  7. I was lucky enough to have met Randy many years ago. I was going through a divorce and lost touch with her (my ex was her dermatologist). I was heartbroken to learn of her passing. She was such a beautiful generous spirit! I’m so sorry to learn her final years were spent battling a man she was so good to! I’m a writer but it be difficult to put into words what she did for those fortunate enough to be around her! My sincere condolences to her boys, mother & sister.

  8. Disturbing on so many levels… SMDH! Condolences to the family and shame on FV! I think his track record with the treatment of women is just horrible! My heart just breaks as this story resonates with me for personal reasons…

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