Super Bowl Ad Features Dads and Daughters

BarristerWho could have imagined that an ivory tower academic scholar could influence a major corporation to produce a television ad that relied on her research about the relationship between dads and daughters? That’s what hair product company Pantene has done as they debut their Super Bowl ads this weekend, giving due credit to Dr. Linda Nielsen, a leader and expert in parenting issues. Their tag line? “Girls who spend quality time with their fathers grow up to be stronger women”.

The “Strong is Beautiful” campaign is a fusion of pop culture and cutting edge research that shows that fathers can do anything moms can do and their influence is pivotal to the successful development of their daughters. The ads feature Dallas Cowboy’s Jason Witten, Pittsburgh Steeler’s DeAngelo Williams, and Benjamin Watson of the New Orleans Saints, each of them creating hairstyles for their cute-as-a-button offspring. The dichotomy of these big guys gently braiding, combing, and pony tailing their youngsters with the help of Pantene products, is charmingly heart-warming.

The clear message is that men who care about their kids are both strong and sexy…it’s a marketer’s dream…. combining cute kids with virile football players, all that’s missing is a cocker spaniel!

As for Dr. Nielsen, her work has gone viral and her voice is respected worldwide. In a recent interview she said:

“ Are you worried about teenage pregnancy? Are you worried about whether your daughter will get a good job someday and be able to support herself? Are you worried about your daughter picking boyfriends and husbands who are going to be emotionally and physically abusive to her? Are you worried about boys taking sexual advantage of her? All of these things, research shows, are connected more strongly to her relationship with her father than to her relationship to her mother.”

Kudos to Pantene… now if our family court judges could embrace the reality that children need two parents if they are to be successful adults.

Pantene ad:

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

One thought on “Super Bowl Ad Features Dads and Daughters

  1. Very informative as always!

    I was not aware of the connection required with the father – daughter relationship but believe as you do, that regardless of the situation between the parents (splits), that children need both of them.

    I coached youth soccer for years and on Wednesday night when I’d pull in the rear driveway of the home where the mom lived with the kids, I’d see the father at the kitchen table having dinner with the mom. It was also a rule that if you were being disciplined by one parent that there were no “suspended sentences” when it was time to stay with the dad (who had remarried) or come back to the mom’s.

    These kids all grew up to be great adults as the parents parented together.

    Unlike other situations when I coached where there were visible arguments at games. The parents I’m referring to lost the marriage but maintained a friendship and concern for what kind of children they wanted to raise.

    It may have helped that money was not an issue – yes – but I’ve seen some ugly situations where money was never an issue either.

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