Stevie Wonder: Nine Children and Counting

It’s a good thing that Stevland Hardaway Morris became musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer Stevie Wonder, as only a superstar like Stevie could afford to support nine children with four different mothers, marrying only one of them.

While Stevie’s professional life, from child prodigy to music icon, has been a series of successes, his personal life has been turbulent, culminating in this month’s court order that he pay his ex-wife $25,000 a month in child support for their two sons, Kailand and Mandla, who was reportedly named by Nelson Mandela. The parties will share joint custody and an order was made permitting Stevie to bring his kids on tour with him occasionally. Media outlets report that the former Mrs. Wonder, fashion designer Kai Millard Morris, received a financial settlement from Stevie in excess of $100 million.

His best known child is Aisha Morris who inspired his hit song “Isn’t She Lovely” and tours with her father today as a back-up singer. Her mother, Yolanda Simmons and Stevie’s relationship also produced a son, Keita Morris. Stevie has another son, Kwame, who is said to be another of Stevie and Yolanda’s children, but no one is exactly sure.

Girlfriend and vocalist Melody McCulley and Stevie had a child together in 1983 who they named Mumtaz Morris. He is also an aspiring musician. Another mystery child is Sophia Morris. Some say her mother is also Melody McCulley, but that has never been confirmed.

The mother of his two youngest children is girlfriend Tomeeka Robyn Bracy who gave birth to daughter Nia last year. Stevie and Tomeeka have another child who is GEO_edited-1under the radar, gender and name unknown. Ms. Bracy also has two children from a previous relationship, and tragically lost her 3-year-old son when he fell from an apartment window.

With 25 Grammy awards and so many other accolades, it appears Stevie has traded away his family life for fame and fortune. As Ralph Waldo Emerson mused:

“Money often costs too much.”

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


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