Update on Bomb Explosion in Family Lawyer’s Winnipeg Office

La Spiga 2011-03-22Further details have become available with respect to the explosive device mailed via Canada Post to the Winnipeg law office of Marie Mitousis, who suffered the loss of one of her hands and was rushed in critical condition to hospital last week.

Ms. Mitousis acted for Iris Amsel for ten years in a protracted, high conflict divorce proceeding, which began relatively amicably in 2004. The divorce file shows that Guido and Iris divided shares of a company that provided auto repair services. Guido was to pay $500.00 per month in child support for their son, who was nine-years old at the time the parties separated. Eventually, Mr. Amsel purchased Iris Amsel’s one-half interest in the business.

By 2010 the parties were feuding over Mr. Amsel’s allegations that his ex-wife had drained the business of $3 million dollars prior to finalizing their divorce.

In an affidavit sworn by Mr. Amsel in 2010 he said:

“It is my belief at the present time that during our cohabitation, the respondent secreted money to these accounts…
I am fearful that the respondent will transfer funds from these and any other accounts she may have to Germany and thereafter relocate there with the intention of keeping our son there as well.”

He also accused his ex-wife of disposing of his wedding ring in a toilet and trying to break up his second marriage by calling and pretending to be a boyfriend of his new wife, understandably a situation that could cause conflict in his latest marriage.

Guido was outraged by the perceived unfairness of the family justice system and lashed out, sending incendiary devices to an auto repair business with connections to his ex-wife, his lawyer, and the unfortunate Ms. Mitsouis, his ex-wife’s lawyer, who opened the letter.

Police were able to detonate the other explosive devices before anyone else was injured.

In 2010 Iris Amsel filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband in regards to the auto services business they co-owned, and later his wages were garnisheed. I’m guessing that Guido fell into arrears in his child support payments, a typical reaction by a payor parent in a nasty divorce.

Also common in high conflict divorce is the steady escalation of litigation, particularly when Kyle Amsel, the now adult son of the parties, wrote in a 2013 affidavit that his father’s allegations against his mother were not true and had led to the estrangement of father and son.

Later that year Mr. Amsel suggested that Kyle was not his son and demanded a paternity test. The court allowed the test on the basis that Mr. Amsel would pay for it. It is not clear whether the test actually took place or if it did, what the result was.

Guido Amsel remains in custody charged with attempted murder. His act of vengeance is both ruthlessly vile and cowardly.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

One thought on “Update on Bomb Explosion in Family Lawyer’s Winnipeg Office

  1. Family lawyers are sometimes the targets of domestic violence spilling over from hostile divorce litigation. The BC Law Society requires that all practicing family lawyers take at least one domestic violence course. While I found the course helpful in screening out spouses who are engaging in or likely to engage in domestic violence, it did not focus on how the family lawyer can protect herself or himself or their staff.

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