Divorce Drama a Shakespearean Tragedy

DSC00280I first wrote about the mega-divorce of British couple Scot and Michelle Young in August 2013 after Mr. Young was sentenced to six months in jail for failing to pay $1 million in support. I predicted that by the time the matter went to trial he would “lawyer-up” with the best attorney money could buy! But I was wrong… Scot Young acted for himself in his divorce trial in October 2013, a move that fit his litigation strategy of “I’m broke”.

The outcome? Here’s the Young divorce, “By the numbers”:

$6.5 million Legal costs expended by Michelle Young

$5 million Legal costs ordered to by paid by Scot Young to his wife

65 Total number of court hearings

20 Days of trial

13 Sets of lawyers hired/fired/discharged by Michelle Young

6.5 Years it took to resolve the case

4 Sets of accountants hired by Michelle Young

$300 million Amount of money sought by Michelle Young

$32 million What Michelle got from the judge

10,000 Pages of court documents

6 months in jail for Mr. Young for failing to produce financial documents, but he only served three months

British newspapers reported that Michelle Young was angry that the court refused to find that her husband was hiding a billion dollar in assets and called the decision a “disgrace”. She also said her next herculean task was to collect the money she is owed.

As for the trial judge, Mr. Justice Moor remarked that the Young case was a prime example of how not to conduct divorce litigation.

While Young plead poverty throughout the divorce proceedings it was reported he purchased a six-carat diamond engagement ring for his girlfriend, British reality star, Noelle Reno.

But no one could have guessed the last chapter of this British drama. In 2014 Scot Young tragically flung himself out of a window of his $4.5 million dollar London apartment and impaled himself on the railing below. Rumours abound that his apparent suicide was in fact retaliation from the Russian mafia who he allegedly owed millions of dollars.

Mr. Young left two beautiful daughters. Even Shakespeare couldn’t have penned this modern tragedy.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

2 thoughts on “Divorce Drama a Shakespearean Tragedy

  1. Too bad they both acted out of greed, or hate. Those emotions usually end badly, for the actors in any “play”.

    Nobody became very rich by being a nice guy. In basic economics, students are taught that to earn big profits, one must grossly overcharge for goods or services. That’s done by having a monopoly, or something similar.

  2. Women get better treatment from courts, here in BC, Canada, imo. Women can make “bald” statements on affidavits and the judges give these bald statements weight. Especially where domestic violence is alleged, even though stats show that females are the more violent gender in matrimony. A husband can get thrown out of the matrimonial home on just a bald statement on an ex parte motion (“application” in BC courts). I’ve seen where such a female’s bald statement has gotten more than one guy locked out of a home. Even half a dozen friends of the couple, attesting otherwise, would not get the “no contact” or “peace officer” court order removed.

    Men who still know this, know that they will get unfairly treated by the legal system, and still marry a woman, deserve what they get, because stats show that marriage is iffy.

    As far as this tragedy, he simply should have given her everything she wanted. Life is too short to have to get stressed over money.

    Did she get what she wanted? I doubt she got the money.

    Perhaps his suicide was his revenge. “You didn’t my money, hahahahaha.”

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