Dog vs. Child

_DSC4851What could be more tragic than a beloved family dog severely injuring the newest member of a household: a new-born baby?

Too horrible to imagine, but over the Christmas season a 16-day old infant in Victoria, B.C. was mauled and bitten by the family pet: a pitbull/rottweiler cross, who had been with the infant’s family for 17 years.

The baby was rushed to hospital with non-life threatening injuries, however, officials confirmed the child would require plastic surgery.

Not surprisingly, the dog was put down by the family…no doubt another source of grief and loss for them.

Animal experts were quick to point out that dogs and babies are a bad mix, depending on the breed of the dog and whether the dog is jealous of the attention paid to the new arrival in the home.

Thankfully the baby survived the physical assault, however, the emotional and psychological aftermath is another issue.

Meanwhile in the United Kingdom Judge Peter Nathan refused to return two children, ages ten and five, to the family home they once shared with their parents and 19 dogs.

The children had been placed in foster care when the court originally ruled that conditions in the home were appallingly “filthy and squalid”. It was reported the children’s mother was investigated by the local SPCA and was subject to a court order that she not keep any dogs for a period of four years.

After three years in foster care the parents applied to have their children returned. However, Judge Nathan determined that although the parents loved their children he would not return them to their care, despite their assurance that once the dog ban was lifted they would only have one or two dogs. The judge simply did not believe them.

The Court referred to the couple’s psychological problems including defiance of authority, paranoia, and an inappropriate interest in media attention.

Sadly their obsession with dogs trumped their common sense in raising healthy children….misplaced passion to be sure.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


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