Lovelorn Sue Match.Com

Customers of the world’s largest online dating company describe shady deals, deceptive practices and sham profiles as a class action lawsuit is launched in Dallas, Texas.

The alleged victims of complain that observable patterns indicate many of the profiles on the site appear to be written by the same person. Others say the company has failed to make a match for them despite ongoing monthly fees of $34.99. Still others complain when their subscriptions are about to lapse they are inexplicably contacted by an inactive or fake member who expresses a romantic interest in them. came online in 1995 and is no stranger to lawsuits. In 2005 and 2009 similar allegation were made, however, none of those cases proceeded.

Counsel in this recent action believe they have credible evidence of misrepresentation based on statements of former employees of They allege they have witnesses who will testify that some profiles are illegitimate and referred to in-house as “filler”.

Other members are suggesting that up to 60% of’s members are inactive or fraudulent and cannot be contacted.

It is reported that’s parent company recorded recent earnings of $38.1 million with 1.82 million members.

The company says they intend to vigorously defend this “unmeritorious” lawsuit. The first step for the claimants is an application to have the court action certified as a class action lawsuit.

If these facts are proven in court, has no heart, which is ironic since they are in the business of love.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

One thought on “Lovelorn Sue Match.Com

  1. Another timely and relevant opinion Lawdiva, are we surprised? Based upon friends’ success, or more accurately, dismal lack of success with on-line dating services, this example represents the norm in my town. A real tragedy considering all the lonely hearts out there and the high tariff for such services. Which takes us full circle to the advice from the ancients; caveat emptor.

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