Why Do Teachers Have Sex With Their Students Part 2

When I was in high school, albeit many decades ago, I never heard of teacher/student affairs. The closest relationship to that of teacher/student was our school’s male drama teacher, who married one of his students after she graduated from high school. I have no idea when their liaison began but there was no hue and cry, only some whispering in the corridors.

I also remember one female teacher inviting me and another girl in my Grade 12 class to come to her apartment on a Saturday morning to eat cantaloupe with her on her balcony. It seemed perfectly innocent to me. In the 1960’s nobody ever assigned a perverse motive to such an invitation.

Consider the following additional explanations for the scandal of a young teacher bedding a teenage boy:

1. Loneliness

Psychologists who have looked at teacher/student relationships posit that frequently a teacher will be facing difficulties in her home life, most commonly marital problems. In the case of Pamela Rogers, age 27, who had a three-month intimate relationship with a 13-year-old student, a forensic psychologist who testified on her behalf in court, explained that she was demoralized and feeling empty inside as she realized her marriage was unravelling. From there, she seemingly lost touch with the rules of society and began a process of “magical thinking”.

Pamela’s case astonished her Tennessee community as she had been a homecoming queen, referred to in the press as a “blonde bombshell”. She was a stunning beauty, who ended up with multiple charges for sexual battery and statutory rape. She plead “no contest” and was sentenced to nine months in jail with an eight year probation period to follow.

Just like Mary Kay Letourneau, she continued the relationship with her young paramour, sending him nude photos, sex videos and text messages. Her inability to stop the relationship led to a nine-year prison term at Tennessee’s Women’s Prison and designation as a sexual offender.

2. History of Sexual Abuse

Women who were sexually abused as children may fall into the same pattern they were exposed to. Dr. Larry Morris, author of the book “Dangerous Women: Why Mothers, Daughters and Sisters Become Stalkers, Molesters and Murderers” opines that many woman who engage in illicit relationships with children come from “conflict-ridden families where they don’t learn healthy social skills. Many learned to get their emotional needs–for love, attention and approval–met through sexual behavior.”

It is sadly disturbing that adult women can inflict such pain on their young charges,ignoring the harm they are causing to these boys or girls. In Part 3 of this post I will review the “Mrs. Robinson” sex fantasy that this conduct doesn’t damage boys, it helps them.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang