30-Year-Old Son Evicted by Court Order from Parent’s Home

IMG_0311 - Version 2Today a judge in New York ordered “deadbeat” son Michael Rotondo to “get a life” and move out. Rotondo, an unemployed millennial, has taken advantage of his parent’s goodwill for over 8 years with nary a financial contribution to his living expenses. Perhaps he at least pitched in with the family chores? Not a chance!

Media reports indicate that Rotondo was involved in a custody dispute with his young son’s mother and lost all custodial rights. He can apparently visit his son but only with the child’s mother’s approval and the access must be in a “therapeutic environment”. Sounds to me like Mr. Rotondo has more problems than just overstaying his welcome at the familial home.

His parents begged him to get a job but he said that if he is employed he cannot receive free government services for indigent litigants, as he plans to appeal the custody order.

He is also involved in a lawsuit against a former employer, Best Buy, who fired him when he refused to work on Saturdays, claiming that he needed Saturdays off to see his son.

His beleaguered parents have exhibited divine patience yet their son suggested to the court that he had not received sufficient notice. This argument was soundly rejected. Over a period of three months, the Rotondo parents issued five eviction notices, all of which he ignored.

However, if you think his parents are cold-hearted, think again….They offered to help him find a place; supply him with funds to get settled; offered to provide monies so he could repair his rundown car; and offered to provide him with some furnishings. Enough is enough!

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

2 thoughts on “30-Year-Old Son Evicted by Court Order from Parent’s Home

  1. Sounds like more baby boomers shirking their responsibilities if you ask me. The boy had legitimate reasons for not wanting to get a job because of, what you call in England, legal aid, and if his employer was aware of his inability to work Saturdays due to family commitments, he was also unfairly dismissed.

    1. Parents of a 30 year old have no legal or moral responsibility to finance the living expenses of a healthy unemployed adult….not in England and certainly not in Canada….Legal aid should be reserved for those who cannot earn a living due to circumstances or disability, not a man who wants to take advantage of government assistance.

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