Two Confused Husbands….Or Is It Wives?

Paul and Alan were both married to women. Paul was married for 30 years and Alan had two failed marriages, one lasted seven years and the second ended after 20 years. Between them they had five children.

Paul and Alan both left their wives and families to engage in a gay relationship with each other. Shortly thereafter both Paul and Alan began to live as lesbians, both of them dressing as women. Still later, Paul decided to have surgical assistance with his gender switch and had a breast augmentation and facial surgery to appear more female.

Paul and Alan, now Jenny-Anne and Elen, were recently joined together in holy matrimony as husband and wife, going through a civil service where Elen had to play down her femininity so as not to upset the government officials.

Later Jenny-Anne and Elen’s marriage was blessed by their church. In media reports the happy couple expessed great joy at their new lives together.

There was not a word said about their broken families or the aftermath of their decisions on their five children. No, it was all about them. Congratulations, I guess….

One thought on “Two Confused Husbands….Or Is It Wives?

  1. I have very much enjoyed reading your posts until now. There was not a word said TO WHOM about their “broken families” or the “aftermath of their decision on their 5 children”? Whose business, outside of the family, is it what has or has not happened within and among those family members?Jenny-Anne and Elen’s previous marriages were lengthy so the “children” must be adult children. Shame on you Law Diva to pass such “passively” harsh judgement on this couple and make baseless assumptions about their family situation. What does this have to do with the law, Law Diva? In what way is this post a legal commentary? It seems in this instance you have simply chosen to use your blog as a tool to spread your obviously toxic homophobic opinion. Again, shame on you.

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