Mr. No-Pay…You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide.

GEO#1Family law lawyers now have access to information that can transform a case from an up-hill battle to a slam-dunk, and it’s all thanks to the internet.

Case in point: I have a client whose ex-husband, a venture capitalist, stopped paying his child support about one year ago. Exhibiting the patience of a saint, my client bided her time, hopeful her ex would reinstate his payments and make up the arrears. Didn’t happen.

She then contacted my office and the legal process began. Her ex was obliged to provide the usual financial documents including income tax returns and corporate financial statements. His tax returns showed nominal income and gosh, darn, he said that all of his businesses were insolvent so he hadn’t bothered to have his accountant prepare financial statements.

With a little help from the internet, we learned he was selling his home with an asking price of just over $900,000.00. After the usual land title searches, we found out he had already purchased a new home in another community. He said he was downsizing. He paid about $850,000.00 for his new home. It was a lovely estate property, larger than his last home, in a less expensive rural area.

Next stop was his Linkedin page and from there we simply googled his name and the names of his corporations. Here’s what we found.

Earlier that year, he made an offer of $25 million to purchase a golf course/housing development project that was very close to his new home and in financial trouble. Press releases abounded announcing the pending acquisition and his superior business acumen.

Several years earlier he had been a finalist for an entrepreneur of the year award. He was on the Board of his local Chamber of Commerce and associated with at least two consulting firms touting his business expertise. His allegations of insolvency were not born out. His only business debt was related to a wine store he operated. He was paying $1000.00 per month to pay down the $40,000.00 debt, $1000.00 more than he was paying for his two kids!

With this information and his feeble explanations, he no longer looked as broke as he said he was. My client got her happy ending when a judge ordered Mr. No-Pay to pay up asap!

It’s not always this easy, but his “high profile” doomed any chance of a judge buying what he was selling. And don’t get me started on the gems you can find on Facebook!

You can run, but you can’t hide from the internet!

4 thoughts on “Mr. No-Pay…You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide.

  1. 👍👍👍 nicely done

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  2. Well, I wish I could afford your services. My son and I are looking at possible homelessness in the near future because my million dollar business man ex-husband, has convinced the court that I owe him money for the RV that he rents out at times and has exclusive occupancy of and that I have no access to, and that the income that he draws from the corporation he controls is nominal. I was also imputed an amount of income from some random website, that I have never in my life earned, nor does my career as an education assistant pay. I’m a single mom with a disability and the court accepted his opinion over my evidence just like they did at trial. I have five days left to file an appeal, but no money to do it with. I have a huge surgery coming up on June 1 which will prevent me from working for up to six months. I work as a casual educational assistant, and I don’t earn enough hours to earn EI. I can’t even afford to go bankrupt at this point. Not trying to whine, I’m just so disturbed with this most recent court decision. My daughter launched this in an effort to help out.

    1. Your story is a classic case of the justice system run amok. The cost of justice (and lawyers) is beyond the reach of so many Canadians and Americans. It is shameful, and the system needs a complete rework. Wishing you the best of luck.

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