It All Seemed So Good: Toronto Neurosurgeon Arrested for Murder of Wife

GeorgiaLeeLang025Mohammed Shamji had it all:  a beautiful wife, who was herself a family doctor, three lovely children, and a PhD from Duke University in biomedical engineering, which paved the way for his reputation as a world-renowned neurosurgeon. But the family was hiding a secret…according to news reports, the Shamji’s had visits from the police more than once for allegations of domestic violence and neighbours reportedly heard them fighting.

Tragically the ultimate weapon for men that engage in family violence was unleashed when Dr. Sahmji, age 40, allegedly murdered his wife, Elana Fric-Shamji last week in their garage. He was arrested on Friday and is in police custody charged with first degree murder. The media reports that Dr. Shamji placed her body in a suitcase and dropped her  beside a river in suburban Toronto, where she was found the day before her husband was arrested.  The coroner determined she died from strangulation and blunt force trauma.

It is impossible to pigeon-hole Dr. Shamji as he does not fall within the typical profile of a husband (or wife) who murders their partner, which includes severe mental illness, previous felony convictions, lower intelligence, and more cognitive impairment than in other types of murders. However, eschewing political correctness,  it may well be that his cultural upbringing played a role.

The killing of a female intimate partner or spouse is referred to as “uxoricide”. Statistics reveal that of 2,340 partner murders in America in 2007, female victims made up 70%. In South-East Asia 55% of all murdered women died at the hands of their partner, in Africa it is 40%, and 38% in the Americas. It is reported that approximately 7 women are killed per month in England and Wales, 4 women per month in Australia, and in the United States it is 76 women per month.

Dr. Elana Fric-Shamji had recently filed for divorce and expressed relief that she was on her way to a new life. This stage of separation is the most dangerous time for women. Her last tweet on November 27, 2016 was lively and upbeat, displaying a photo of her and a fellow female physician. Her children have now been placed with their maternal grandparents. How very sad…

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

4 thoughts on “It All Seemed So Good: Toronto Neurosurgeon Arrested for Murder of Wife

    I guess for men it’s easy to get a chance to live a married life with an educated, all in one women and and at the same time be a monkey man who wants fun with other women that come their way. When it comes to satisfying the house wife who works all day to finish her husbands homework…he either looks through her or ignore her …….
    This is not acceptable to an educated thinking multitasking woman.She as a wife demands an explanation which leads to argument …then verbal fight, then his manhood demands her to be his slave so he takes over her body to kill her brutally…either a surgon or a common working man all fall in the same category. It is sad in this 21st century. What is the need for women to get married… it’s good to stay apart but have children.. but she demands a full fledged life from her only man .
    This story poses the question…”why did he kill her?” He should be hanged to death to set an example.. who’s given the right to end it all with brutality… he’s a sick surgeon…not normal…

    1. For certain…there is that element of some men simply requiring at least two women. One to keep their beautiful home and children kept and even financed. ..and one to attend to more direct primitive needs. And usually these women must be completely opposite in nature. Naturally a woman intelligent and strong enough to keep a man’s entire life and home running smoothly…won’t take kindly to be being utilized in such a way…whIle he rus to another. Almost makes polygamy make sense I guess. least everyone knows what cards are on the table.

      I am so so sorry…that we’ve lost another woman simply because she was strong and good

      1. Oh so rightly put in words Lisa we did lose a good strong woman the only thing she wanted was peace by a simple divorce …

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