Looking for a Lawyer? Buyer Beware

_DSC4851The practice of law is both a profession and a business. Many lawyers rely on their winning track record and high ethics to gain a reputation that engenders word-of-mouth referrals.

Other attorneys buttress their status in the profession with advertising, but Yellow Page ads, popular for so many years, have gone the way of the dodo bird.

Today’s lawyers utilize television, radio, and the internet to entice potential clients. Many of these ads fall into the cruelly boring “conservative, balding, male lawyer standing in front of a bookcase” category. While others are innovative, even racy! Case in point:

An all-women law firm in Chicago created a billboard ad that read “Life’s Short. Get a Divorce.” The ad featured a photo of an attractive woman in her lingerie beside a handsome man with a tanned six-pack. The woman who posed for the ad looked like a model but she was the lead attorney at the law firm and the dude with her was her personal trainer.

She reported that the firm was inundated with phone calls. Of course, the billboard created quite a stir and consternation in the Chicago bar. It was removed seven days after it went up for an alleged by-law infringement.

In reaction to their increase in business, these lady lawyers started a website with the same name, where they sell T-shirts and mugs with the slogan emblazoned on their products. From all reports they’re selling like hotcakes!

Other forays into to the world of marketing are less provocative but no less effective. One family law firm, again an all-women firm, launched their print marketing with the headline “Ever Argue With A Woman?” I think they made their point very clear!

Of course, where television copies life, you have the billboard in New Mexico declaring “Better Call Saul”, the sleaze bag attorney from “Breaking Bad” who has been rewarded with his own spin-off show.

Other law firms have raised the hackles of their governing bodies with their ads.

In Nevada a lawyer bills himself as “The Heavy Hitter” in his rambunctious televisions spots and a Polish speaking lawyer ran an ad on a Polish-language radio station referring to himself as “The Lion of the Court”. The trouble was that he had never tried a case in court!

Looking for a lawyer? Buyer Beware!

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


2 thoughts on “Looking for a Lawyer? Buyer Beware

  1. Well, I am learning and it has not been easy. Have spoken to many lawyers all with many opinions. The one I was informally using was suggesting things to me that I could not possibly do (gouge my slumlords for 45k when they have never put any money in my 12 year tenancy into the house they want to evict me from. And she wanted to base it on monoxide poisoning I got but anyone who thinks about that for a moment, and I spoke a long time to a lawyer specializing in toxins, there is now way to prove that the monoxide was negligent or an accident. And my so called lawyer would NOT sue. So where would this put me but out on the street. (I have some protection as I cited them through the city)>

    I am now seeing another lawyer who says the response about me in the city’s citation is so vicious, containing cyberstalking citations, that any case brought against me would automatically be seen as more retaliation. I believe he is more mature and realistic but these are powerful slumlords and everyone is telling me to get out. Damn, I wish I could trust this new lawyer.

    So glad you wrote about this. Hiring a lawyer is expensive and you must trust them. Unfortunately, I can’t.

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