Father Walks to Highlight the Abuse of Parental Alienation

BarristerPatrick Glynn is on a mission. He wants the world to know that parental alienation is rampant in North America and that he is just one its many victims.

Emotionally and financially spent after his divorce, Patrick’s website, walkforlostkids.com tells his story. As a working father Patrick was not his children’s primary caretaker, but he never dreamed he would become an occasional father.

With the financial pressure of paying for two households he was forced to move and take a job 300 miles away from his children, nonetheless, he drove ten-hours roundtrip every weekend to see them. Worst of all was that the game played by his wife meant he had to prove he was a worthy father, a cunning ploy that saw his wife and her lawyer convince the Court to curtail his visits to six weeks a year.

He says:

“I went from being an involved, hands-on dad to the courts relegating me to seeing my two daughters for six weeks a year, all because my wife wanted a divorce”.

To gain attention to the harm of parental alienation and the despair of its victims, Patrick began his “Walk for Lost Kids” last Fall by walking from Boston to Washington D.C, a 400 mile trek. Along the way he was joined by moms and dads who suffer like he does from a family court system that is out of touch with social science research on parenting and the evils of abusive spouses who use their children to inflict punishment on their spouses.

Writing on his blog, Patrick says:

“Meanwhile, smart, compassionate parents are endlessly stuck in their own cycles; unable to escape family courts and punished with financial and court harassment for years on end. Reasonable, solution-based people eventually realize their limited options at getting out of the abusive never-ending spiral:

Walking away from their own kids (which won’t stop the court harassment)
Fighting in court against their will, while being financially drained with little hope since the system is slanted
Accepting — in most instances — at least a decade of abuse while the kids are minors with little to no understanding from their peers.”

If this sounds overly dramatic be assured that it is reality for thousands of parents, many of whom have passed through the doors of my law office. And if you think this is a father’s rights issue, you’re wrong. It affects mothers as well as fathers, but it is the children who are scarred for life.

Back on the road, Patrick has just embarked on his second walk this month, a trek that will take him 549 miles from Sacramento to Los Angeles and end in late May. If you see him on the road, walk with him, and let him know you agree the family law justice system needs reform and needs it now. His Walk schedule is posted on walkforlostkids.com.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


2 thoughts on “Father Walks to Highlight the Abuse of Parental Alienation

  1. I know all too well that Parental Alienation not only exists, but it is often court sanctioned. I sit here writing this as my two sons, 14 and 10 are 1300 miles away. Thier mother took them, despite my having filed an objection to her “Notice of Intention to Relocate”. The court hearing is set for June 1st, 2015. The fact that I went from a father 24/7 to a father 50 percent of the time, to only one weekend a month and 8 hour weekend visits because thier mother was too busy, to now being offered Three 3 day visits per year, is ludicrous. It’s ridiculous and appaling. No abuse on my part. No drug or alchohol use. No criminal record. My youngest son sends me an instant messege this afternoon on Skype, an animated sad face with tears rolling down its eyes. And a simple three word messege that encompasses the harm done here: “I miss you”. A boy. My little boy, misses his dad. Why? Not because his father is absent from his life, or has committed some crime. But because his mothers’ hatred of his father somehow elevates her self-esteem, and indeed her status with her friends and family, as a “lovong , single parent”. I pay every dime of child support. Never missed one of my sons baseball games. And despite the court-sanctioned counselors saying clearly in a letter to the judge “there is such rampant Parental Alienation occurring in this case by the boys’ mother, that we aren’t sure that with the teenager, it can be fully reversed”. Yet, when brought to the judges attention, he said simply “I don’t have time to sit around and read reports all day”. So, he sided with thier mother, as she would “certainly know best, what is in her own sons best interest”. The counselors went on to say how her hatred had fueled her blocking any attempts at a loving relationship between father and sons.
    Well great. Just great. Not even a slap on the wrist. I wasn’t asking that my sons be taken from thier mother, because surely that would do just as much harm. But when such clear cut attempts by one parent, to hurt another parent and use the children as pawns, when that parent isn’t he one that wanted out of the marriage so they could lead a single life and do the things they hadn’t done while married, such as bar hopping and rock concerts, when nobody stopped her from doing so WHILE married…..Shouldn’t the courts support a loving, devoted father?
    We were told during divorce counseling class, required by our county, that the courts highly frowned upon one parent that does not support a loving relationship between the children and the other parent. I have found, in real life, that just the opposite is true.
    Perhaps Parental Alienation should NOT be classified as a SYNDROME, as many in the mental health field suggest. But, how about, then, at least acknowledging the existence of Parental Alienation, and the sickness that the person who is doing it, and require that THEY undergo counseling. How about supporting what EVERY child should have a right to, and that’s both loving parents? How about, finally doing what is in the children’s best interest and not tearing apart families?
    What will happen, in my case? Who knows. I’ve seem too much turmoil, that nothing would surprise me. I’m not giving up, even though this may be my last legal stand I am able to make. Once they move, I have no legal means to enforce visitation. Having already brought to the courts attention, her blatant disregard for preset visitation days and times, and cancellations of visitation times with me and my son’s, with nothing being done…..it will hurt me, but it won’t surprise me if the court finds that I am in fact, disposable (except of course, my income…..that’s needed for Cruises and lavish vacations, while I live below the poverty line), and that she can keep our boys 130p miles away. All the while her friends and family support what a wonderful mother she is.
    Wonderful mothers don’t destroy relationships. They don’t slander the other parent to or in front of the children. They don’t instruct the children that, they too should hate thier father, and doing so will show love for thier mother. No reasonable person could suggest that these things are correct. Yet, so many people support the Alienator. What a bizarre world we live in. Where we purport that we want what’s in children’s best interest. We just won’t do it, when it’s right in front of our faces.

  2. Interesting that you swing both ways so to speak LawDiva. Lawyers are often the agents for alienation in a Court system that is biased, blind and even seemingly willfully ignorant. Judges can’t escape croticism. Hell even the present Chief Justice of the B.C. Court of Appeal was named in a book as having overseen a case in which a young boy was led to suicide because of alienation: http://akidnappedmind.com

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