One thought on “Parental Alienation Leads Court to Call Father a “Wallet”

  1. Good Morning Ms. Lang. Thank you so much for writing the article about my husband Erik Veneman’s case.
    My name is Michelle Veneman and my husband misses his girls so much and to this day they have not reached out to him and they hide from the internet especially the older girl Maggie. Maggie is a professor now at Queen’s University and lives in Kingston Ontario we believe. His youngest Abbey is an Engineer like her father and we believe still lives with her mother.
    This time of the year is so hard for Erik and father’s day is just around the corner. He often gets depressed about his girls and feels like he should have done things differently.
    My hope is that your article will provide some sort of peace for parents who have gone through a similar devastation and that lawyers and judges will read your article and the case and do better for children in the court system.
    When I met Erik and he was fighting for some custody to even see the girls that a judge was going to see what Kathy their Mom was doing to the girls and I thought they would have taken them away from her as this to me was a form of emotional abusive. The story is so sad and I hope the girls someday will reach out to their dad. He still sends them birthday wishes through email everyear and let’s them know he is still here and NO Response….so so sad. this has affected Erik to the core and all he wanted was to continue to be their Dad.

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