One thought on “Dr. Amy Baker critiquing Caplan’s article on Parental Alienation in Psychology Today

  1. I would like to make a comment on the parental alienation in the psychology today magazine. I will explain without using names my own case and how this parental alienation has actually taken away all of my children’s basic rights. My case involves my ex husband who does not want to pay child support and has not for the past year. He physically abused our daughter in which he has been charged with assault, he lied about how he was charged and blamed me for alienation. Here is what actually happened he was taken out of the home and 5 days later we were in court he did not make contact during this time. He lied to the judge and tried to get him to make a decision on custody, but this was not our regular judge, so we waited until she was back to do anything, during this time he spoke with our son on the phone since there was a no contact order for our daughter he could not speak with her. We had an assessment by a well known psychologist that has had articles in the psychology today paper. This assessment from the start was in the favor of the shared parenting and stated parental alienation because during the month that we were waiting for the judge to return he would not see his son and only speak to him. It is found today that the report from the psychologist was in so many ways manipulated to be siding with the plaintiff in this case. I have on numerous occasions almost lost our son due to medical issues created by his father, the health and well being of our son is not being met and the courts did not rule on the side of best interest of the child. I am currently fighting this all the way due to many breaches of orders and no consequences. I cannot go into very much more detail because of investigations that are ongoing, but all I can say is there are cases of alienation but I think we need to be careful not to blanket it across the system for the best interest of the parent and not the child, this just opens the doors to abusers to continue without consequence.

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