What’s a Clawbie?

GEO CASUALWhat’s a Clawbie? Go to http://www.clawbies.ca for all the juicy details.

But the short story is that the CLAWBIES are Canada’s most prestigious awards for the best law blogs in Canada and abroad. Of course, you can’t nominate your own blog…just sayin’

For me, the best blogs let us glimpse the personality of the author, are well-written and easy to read, and most importantly, are consistent in their output.

Here are my nominations for 2013:

Marilyn Stowe’s Blog: Marilyn is one of Britain’s premier family law lawyers, a media darling who has a top-notch blog for all things family law. She writes many of her own posts but also relies on lawyer John Bolch to add his two-cents.

Family Law Professor’s Blog- Professors Andrea Carroll from the law school at Louisiana State University and Margaret Ryznar from Indiana University School of Law are the editors/authors of this excellent family law blog. Recent posts include stories on Shanghai’s marriage market, China’s One-Child Policy, and the latest Hague Convention on Child Abduction case to be heard by the United States Supreme Court on December 11, 2013.(Lozano v. Alvarez)

JP Boyd on Family Law The Blog- JP started his blog in December 2008 as an adjunct to his comprehensive BC Family Resource website. He writes clever posts that are geared to be of interest to BC family law lawyers, focusing on practice and procedure, rules of court, and interesting BC family law decisions.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

2 thoughts on “What’s a Clawbie?

  1. Can you write something about eternal alimony please. My husband has benn paying for 33 YEARS!!! Is there no end in Canadian Law!
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  2. Thanks very much for the nomination, Georgialee… and for referring to me as your esteemed colleague. I fear I shall never rise to that level but I do appreciate your kindness.

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