Human Trafficking Allegations Against BC Woman Proven False

GAL & PAL #2jpgI can only imagine the relief and joy West Vancouver businesswoman, Mumtaz Ladha, must have experienced after Madam Justice Lauri Ann Fenlon of the British Columbia Supreme Court acquitted her of all charges in relation to the allegations that she enticed a young African woman to come to Canada to work as her unpaid slave.

And to those who may think that the acquittal was simply because these kinds of charges are notoriously difficult to prove, Judge Fenlon laid waste to that theory, declaring that Ms. Ladha’s generosity was exploited by the young Tanzanian woman, who took advantage of the situation in an attempt to remain in Canada.

The judge said:

“I wish to emphasize that this is not a case in which I am left with only a reasonable doubt about whether the offences occurred….

I am left, rather, with the conviction that the allegations made by (the complainant) are improbable. On the evidence before me, it appears far more likely that the complainant took advantage of Mr. Ladha’s generosity in order to come to Canada and then took advantage of an opportunity she saw to remain in this country, showing a callous disregard for her benefactor and the truth in the process.”

What is appalling is that Ms. Ladha’s legal ordeal took four years to resolve. For four years, she lived with the stigma and shame of allegations that painted a false picture of her as a cruel, wealthy, woman capable of concocting a plan to coerce a naïve young woman into servitude.

While the judge focused on the alleged victim’s lack of credibility, she also noted that when Ms. Ladha was first faced with the allegations she defended her accuser to investigators exclaiming that she was “an innocent child who must have been pushed to do this.”

It is always heartening to see the justice system work, now if we can just get it to work a little faster.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


3 thoughts on “Human Trafficking Allegations Against BC Woman Proven False

  1. “Speedy Justice” has long been abolished from the Canadian Legal Lexicon. A simple speeding ticket in the Lower Mainland can take up to 18+ months to obtain a ruling. Unlike Britain where it took 48 hours to detain, charge, adjudicate and sentence rioters, Vancouver with its outstanding justice system has taken up to two years to simply have Crown procesecutors lay formal charges.

  2. The case of Mumtaz Ladha is getting to be the norm in our judicial system. Until the judges take back their power and authority in the courtroom by stopping these frivolous adjournments, the courts will remain the same. There will be numerous justices hearing the case, each allowing another adjournment, that will then prejudice one’s legal right to a speedy trial. Lawyers use this tactical maneuver for a variety of reasons and throw in unsubstantiated allegations in an attempt to further their case. There is stigma and shame associated with false allegations and especially when it’s repeatedly placed in the media and publicized in newspapers and internet.

    Another aspect of numerous judges hearing the case is that the original order can become misconstrued. It’s like the telephone game we played when we were kids. You tell someone something and then they past it on and so forth until the end of the line. The original saying is then unintelligible to the original. This is the reality of my own case and without legal resources the original order will never be appealed.

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