Wanna Work at Home and Make Thousands? Have a Baby!

IMG_0277In a crass, hard-hitting advertisement from El Paso Texas, lawyer Mark Davis has caught the attention of his target audience.

“Have a baby, get rid of the father and get the money, then spend the funds on “drinking, expensive restaurants and clubs”…..If this sounds familiar to you guys, please do give us a call. It isn’t a fair world, so even the odds and lawyer up!”

Mr. Davis apparently knows of what he speaks as he references a program in Texas where single mothers receive debit cards from the Texas child support enforcement program, the government agency that collects child support for parents in the state.

Davis points out that the debit card is as good as cash in any bar in El Paso or maybe the recipient would rather buy a gift for her new boyfriend. Not a problem.

On a more serious note, lawyer Davis decries overly generous child support orders, characterizing them as nothing more than a “cash grab”. He says he has one non-custodial client who is paying $1,400 per month for his six-month-old child, an amount he says is “impossible” to spend on an infant that young.

“Generally, the idea of child support is a good thing, people need to take care of their kids, but it’s so abused in the state of Texas,” Davis said. “I don’t mean to offend people by putting this poster out, but I do mean to wake people up to pay attention to what’s going on.

Meanwhile, a state representative confirms that custodial parents are issued debit cards and there is no check to determine whether the monies are spent on diapers or dinner out.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


3 thoughts on “Wanna Work at Home and Make Thousands? Have a Baby!

  1. The unfair awards have been a source for suicide in Canada. Too often child maintenance is so out of balance, that it becomes a re-division of family assets. Too bad that there is no longer a balance between abilty to pay and demonstrated need.

  2. Paul I have a client who was recently ordered to pay almost $13,000 per month for two children, ages 5 and 7. Not sure what children that age need that could cost that much! Needless to say, we are appealing the order. By the way, in the same case, my client was ordered to pay $24,000 a month in spousal support.

  3. Wow so right! One thing though, Texas uses the POOI method for calculation (just like Canada) but they use net income instead of gross income. So yes CS and SS is absurdly high.
    Most jurisdictions in the US have changed from the POOI model to the income shares model, a model that is considered fair and reasonable. If Canada adopted this approach there would be fewer CS disputes. Of course there would have to be imputed income in some cases (intentionally unemployed). Shared parenting should be the norm as well, kids need both parents. I read the CBA section activity report released Sept 1 2013, it seems they are considering a new formula for CS in shared parenting….should be interesting. I have the kids 44% of the time and still pay full support!

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