More Celebrity Divorces: Douglas, Zeta-Jones, Eastwood, Lawson

GAL & PAL #2jpgAnother month, another slew of celebrity divorces…Hollywood divorce is becoming so commonplace that it is not a matter of “who is next?” but “when will it happen?”

Frankly, none on the latest list are a surprise, the real shocker is that some of them lasted as long as they did. So here goes…

– Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones: I love both actors and was delighted when I realized that Catherine was also a great singer, but it was bound to unravel, what with the challenge of his drug-addicted son; his ex-wife, Diandra Douglas’ court action to get even more money from him; her bipolar diagnosis; and his hard-to believe confession that his throat cancer was caused by too much oral sex. Enough already! How can any marriage survive this onslaught?

– Clint Eastwood and his less famous wife, Dina Ruiz Eastwood: The writing was on the wall when Dina signed up for a reality TV show that lasted one season. Of course, Clint’s history of failed marriages did not improve their chances. The latest rumours include Dina’s relationship with an old school friend and Clint’s adoration of Nanaimo’s Diana Krall, our own jazz diva. Let’s get real though: despite what I think about Elvis Costello and the mismatch of the century with him and Diana, she would be crazy to hook up with Clint who has got to be 30 years older than her. Who would have dreamed that the strong silent “hunk” of spaghetti westerns would become one of Hollywood’s leading directors. Not me… But Diana doesn’t need the “juice” or the “money”. She’s got plenty of both on her own.

-Nigella Lawson and her older, billionaire husband, Charles Saatchi: Buxom and beautiful, celebrity chef Nigella’s marriage to her older, wealthy husband ended ignominiously when British paparazzi captured an ugly picture of Mr. Saatchi with his hands around her lovely neck in an upscale London restaurant. He characterized it as a “tiff” and sued her for divorce, when she failed to defend his “honour” and tell “stories” about the “innocent” episode.

They divorced at breakneck speed, followed by reports that he is suicidal over the situation. Clearly, he needs to take a couple of his millions and seek intensive therapy. I can’t imagine how he treated her behind closed doors.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


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