Contemptuous Husband Goes to Jail With Louis Vuitton Overnight Bag

BarristerScot and Michelle Young of London, England separated in 2006. At the time Mr. Young was a real estate tycoon with over $400 million in assets.

The couple married in 1995, had two children, Scarlett and Sasha, and lived in a $14 million Oxfordshire mansion. Young once bought his wife a Range Rover filled with couture dresses and gave her $1 million in Graff diamond jewellery for her 40th birthday.

Despite declaring bankruptcy in 2010, citing a failed business venture with Moscow associates, Young continued to live lavishly. He told the high court that top businessmen were supporting him with gifts and loans.

That he is connected with Russian businessmen is no secret. His wife alleges that his business associate, Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, who committed suicide in his Ascot mansion last year, helped Young hide his money.

Ms. Young says she has evidence that her husband constructed a secret network of offshore companies to hold his assets and his actions graphically demonstrate how a spouse bent on cheating can use the British Virgin Islands to hide wealth.

Mr. Young denied the allegations in a recent court hearing where he represented himself and found himself on the losing end of what has been a seven-year court battle.

Mr. Justice Moor found that Young had repeatedly failed to provide financial documents to his wife and refused to pay court-ordered support of $27,500 per month. He was in arrears nearly $1 million and was sentenced by Justice Moor to a six-month jail term.

However, after three months Scott Young was released without having purged his contempt, leaving Ms. Young no further ahead. To add insult to injury, he was photographed leaving prison with his Louis Vuitton overnight bag on his shoulder and his 29-year old girlfriend by his side.

A trial of all the issues is scheduled for October 2013. How much do you want to bet that scoundrel Scot Young “borrows” sufficient funds to retain the best lawyer money can buy?

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

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