Looking Back: The Law in 2012-Part 2

BarristerThe last six months of 2012 did not disappoint as far as provocative legal stories, from Judge Lori Douglas to Warren Jeffs, with a smattering of Halle Berry and bad boy Dennis Rodman. Here are the highlights:

July 2012- The Lori Douglas story was at a full boil throughout the month of July as the Judicial Inquiry into her knowledge of her husband’s recruitment of his client as a sexual partner for her, provided the salacious details behind the judicial robes.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police also took a heavy hit when a large group of female officers spoke out about sexual harassment and discrimination in their workplace. It was a body blow the force did not need, coming at the same time as the details of RCMP incompetency in the Pickton investigation came to light.

August 2012- Halle Berry’s personal life was on display as she battled for custody of her daughter in full press legal combat, while it was difficult to determine if Dennis Rodman deserved censure or pity when the details of his out-of-control life became apparent amid allegations that he owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid child support.

September 2012- While America’s Election consumed the media and was the subject of a story on Lawdiva, closer to home the tragic situation befalling the children of Bountiful, British Columbia made the news, as six ex-communicated FLDS fathers of 42 children successfully obtained court orders to see their children.

October 2012- The guest post of Agnes Jimenez on “Cyberbullies” was prescient coming mere weeks before the tragedy of B.C. teen Amanda Todd’s suicide.

November 2012- Halle Berry resurfaced in November when the family court ruled that her application to move to France with her daughter, Nahla, was denied. A few weeks later her former partner and the father of Nahla, Gabriel Aubry and her boyfriend, Olivier Martinez engaged in fisticuffs during an access transfer of Nahla at Ms. Berry’s home. Lucky for both, no charges were laid.

December 2012- Only in California, you say? The issue of gay therapy for children who wish to overcome homosexuality hit the news when the California legislature enacted law that would prevent therapists from employing “gay aversion” therapy. A short time later, a California judge struck down the law. Undoubtedly, 2013 will see further court hearings on the issue of gay therapy.

Lindsay Lohan was a regular newsmaker throughout 2012, culminating in charges being laid in both California and New York for assault, reckless driving, and obstruction of justice. Her comeback role as Elizabeth Taylor in a television movie was not the success she hoped for as critics slashed her thespian efforts. More to come in 2013, to be sure.

Bye-bye to 2012…Welcome to 2013!

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

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