Do Lindsay Lohan a Favour and Send Her to Jail

DSC00280Lindsay Lohan’s life is one hot mess! The once-charming child actress and singer vanished years ago and today, at age 26, she’s the latest stand-in for the stereotypical Hollywood role of talented, beautiful actress who dies too young.

The only unknown is the circumstances of her eventual demise. Will she die in a tragic car accident like Jayne Mansfield did at age 34? Will prescription drugs be her downfall, akin to Marily Monroe, who died at age 36? Will she succumb to hard drugs, like Janis Joplin at age 27? Yes, reality is sobering, but in my estimation that is where Ms. Lohan is heading.

Her dysfunctional upbringing, as a child survivor of divorce has been well-documented, as have the continuing immature antics of her mother and father and the equally haunting physical decline of her younger sister. She’s had a rough go of it, but so have many others.

It’s time for Ms. Lohan to grow up and take responsibility for her life. It is also way past time for the California criminal justice system to stop coddling Lindsay Lohan.

As the current “Queen of the Misdemeanor” Ms. Lohan has been given every break possible and I take no issue with the notion that a younger offender be treated as such, but regrettably, she has failed to learn from her
previous encounters with the justice system.

It is apparent she is “playing” the system and has no respect for orders, judges or courts. On probation for the theft of a $2500 necklace, the supervised portion of her probation was rescinded in March 2012 so that she could get back to work.

However, since then she has been involved in two situations where criminal charges have been laid. She allegedly assaulted a woman in a New York night club and the State of California has charged her with reckless driving, lying to a police officer, and obstruction of justice in relation to an incident on the Pacific Coast Highway where her rented $80,000 Porsche slammed into the back of an 18-wheeler truck, totalling her vehicle. The police allege that she lied to them when she said that it was her assistant who was driving the vehicle.

The driver of the truck apparently advised police that it appeared initially as if Ms. Lohan was attempting to flee the scene and that her assistant offered him money if he would refrain from calling 911.

Today, Commissioner Jane Godfrey, a legally trained official appointed to handle misdemeanor matters in criminal court, revoked Lindsay Lohan’s probation, opening up the door for an eight month jail term.

Ms. Lohan needs a reality check and it seems the only way she may get one, is for Commissioner Godfrey to do her job. Unless she does, Lindsay Lohan will continue with her anti-social behavior that makes a mockery of California’s justice system.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

6 thoughts on “Do Lindsay Lohan a Favour and Send Her to Jail

  1. Lindsay Lohan appears to have breached the terms of her probation and to be to some degree dangerous to others in addition to herself. She appears to be headed for a lengthily jail term which will give the American courts and the media a welcomed break from her and her family. It is time for the media to focus on positive role models in the entertainment industry.

  2. Although jail term is a poor alternative to remediation, something or someone needs to intervene in this young life before it is too late. Typically this would be family. Where are they?

  3. I read a post somewhere where Charlie Sheen lent her 100,000 dollars because she was having trouble paying her bills and she didn’t even acknowledge it, he’s pretty ticked off about her cavalier attitude. The woman is a walking disaster.

  4. It is obvious, she has a personality disorder and severe addiction problem. She lacks a basic education. Jail is the certainly the correct place to offer her an opportunity to break the cycle of offending. Ultimately, no program can help, if she does not wake-up, grow-up, fess-up, and then live up. Nevertheless, a lengthy jail term of appropriate classification location, should be the community response to such out of bounds behaviour, to protect the offender from themselves and the community at large. Her handlers and those who make money from her, have been irresponsible. The lack of tough love years ago, is fulfilling its consequences.

  5. perhaps the judge, a female, felt some kinship with lohan. a court of law is no place for a lovefest, a praising of criminals or the likes of lohan. if true that lohan is a lesbian, or bisexual, then perhaps that had something to do with this latest scene in lohan’s life. lohan is no beauty, far from it.

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