RCMP: Good Ol’ Boy’s Club Under Attack

Did you know that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are “committed to providing to all their employees a work environment free from harassment, discrimination and conflict?” Yeah, right… Since when?

To add to the ever-growing list of embarrassing problems the RCMP face, after Pickton,* Dziekanski* and Monty Robinson*; there is now a class action lawsuit filed in Vancouver alleging sexist comments, derogatory remarks, sexual taunts and a double standard, with reports of 200 or more female Mounties waiting to jump into the fray.

If the RCMP continues it current stance of denial and victim blame, remembering how just recently they publicly dismissed the complaint from Corporal Catherine Galliford calling her an “alcoholic”, it could be another ugly few years for what was once a highly regarded police force.

Their reputation today is in shambles and no one in charge seems to be able to figure out how to avoid another public debacle. Certainly not Superintendent Maria Nickel, British Columbia’s top recruiter, who recently remarked that female Mounties can be victims or they can rely on their “inner strength” to survive inevitable harassment on the job. How could Ms. Nickel allow herself to be used by the RCMP as their female messenger, or perhaps she too is a victim of the old boy’s club?

Nonetheless, it is astounding to hear this woman trivialize the serious allegations that have been made against her organization and respond by saying “just suck it up!” No employee should have to put up with behavior that is demeaning, belittling or causes public humiliation or embarrassment.

How would you feel if your daughter’s workplace contained a naked inflatable doll positioned adjacent to her boss’s desk? Would you think it appropriate for your daughter’s boss to ask her to pose next to the doll for the amusement of her male colleagues?

What if your wife was pregnant and she was met with caustic comments like “next time keep your f__ing legs closed” or “do you think you can handle this call or are you pregnant again?”

If this class action gets certified by the Court and proceeds, RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson needs to get better public relations advice and a lawyer who has the good sense to resolve these complaints outside of court. Anything less will just drag the Mounties further down the hopeless road they seem determined to travel.

* Allegations include that serial killer Willy Picton could have been caught but for RCMP incompetence.
* Robert Dzeikanski was tasered by the Richmond RCMP at the Vancouver Airport and died.
* Corporal Monty Robinson was in charge during the tasering of Dziekanski, has been charged with perjury in relation to the hearing, and convicted of obstruction of justice after he killed a young man in a road accident.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


4 thoughts on “RCMP: Good Ol’ Boy’s Club Under Attack

  1. A word to sum up the pre meditated “harassment, discrimination and conflict” within the ranks of our RCMP, is ABUSE. And no where in society should we except abusive behavior. And abusers rarely have the courage to take responsibility for their action; “denial and victim blaming” is their game. The answer is for each of the victims to keep speaking the truth, loud and clear, until they are heard. And they will be heard. I hear them… thanks to you Law Diva. Keep trumpeting the truth!

  2. Well said Georgialee. The RCMP have a lot to answer for and hopefully the women involved will have the strength and fortitude to fight on to the end.

  3. I would like to see news stories- even one news story- about the fact that the RCMP is incompetant when it comes to actual policing and investigation. The fiasco in Prince George is a recent example.
    “B.C. Supreme Court Justice Glen Parrett says the Crown should consider if charges are warranted against the RCMP in Prince George after investigators left a dead body overnight at the scene of a killing.
    “I am quite frankly shocked and astounded,” Parrett said, adding he had seen “no evidence whatsoever of a single forensic step being taken the next day with the exception of videotaping the scene.”
    Parrett made his comments during closing arguments at the manslaughter trial of Patrick Mathewsie. ” http://thestatusofthestatusquo.blogspot.ca/

    All the RCMP seems capable of doing is catching marijuanna growers which is just a make-work project that the public doesn’t care about.
    They wouldn’t have all the internal problems we read about all the time if the subject of their actual incompetance as a police force was addressed, because they would be disbanded.

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