Tom Cruise’s Divorce as Told Through His Movies

When Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes fell in love five years ago, Katie was one of The Outsiders. She wasn’t part of the Hollywood A list. Her claim to fame was a role in the TV show Dawson’s Creek. Tom had just finished a long relationship with Penelope Cruz and many people thought he and Katie were Mission Impossible, while those more optimistic called it a Risky Business, the latter were part of a Minority Report.

After all, Tom was a Top Gun in Hollywood and considered one of A Few Good Men who were worthy of Katie’s attention. I heard that he showered her with Magnolia’s and loved walking with her in the rain, hence, Rain Man.

Yes, there were those who said that Katie saw The Colour of Money, but I recall her saying that she fell for Tom when she was a teenager and couldn’t believe that she was going to marry him.

Who knows what really went wrong? I’m sure their relationship started on the right foot, perhaps Katie had one Cocktail too many and made an imprudent decision to file for divorce. In retrospect, it looks like they both had their Eyes Wide Shut.

Ironically their uncoupling comes at one of the most celebratory times of the year, (Born on), The Fourth of July. No more blue sky for them, it’s all Far and Away and a little Vanilla Sky. It’s so sad, I can hear a lone trumpeter in the distance playing Taps as their marriage ends.

I’ve heard Katie may go back to her Protestant roots and rely on the Rock of Ages, although I suspect with Tom’s adherence to Scientology he’ll avoid that sacred hymn.

Bye Bye, TomKat.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


11 thoughts on “Tom Cruise’s Divorce as Told Through His Movies

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