Happy 2nd Anniversary Lawdiva!

Lawdiva is 2 years-old today! What have I learned since we launched on May 10, 2010? Lots! Firstly, I realized how high a bar I set when I began publishing 15 to 20 stories each month, while practicing law full-time.

Regular readers have probably noticed that my attention has been focused elsewhere this month. That’s because I am scrambling to get everything done before my husband and I head to China and Thailand in a few days. I expect to cover some interesting, quirky legal stories from those two countries while I am away.

I also learned what a crazy, mixed-up world we live in and that despite the rule of law, if the justice system can go awry, it will. I found that foreign legal systems struggle with the same issues we do and that Canadian lawyers and judges have the same concerns as their counterparts worldwide, namely, the delay, cost, confusion and rigidity of our court systems and the perception that “justice for all” is an illusory target.

I discovered that the American justice system is very different from our Canadian experience and have mined the most interesting stories from below the 49th parallel.

What can I say about my readers? Firstly, that I am grateful for their interest and passion in responding to my stories and my opinions. I can also say that most of them are not shy about how they feel and what they think.

I have been applauded, lauded, and encouraged by many. I have also been chided, scolded, criticized, and condemned by others. All in all, the debate is always lively and spirited and I appreciate your views, both salutary and savage.

Since mid-2011 many of my stories have been published by the Huffington Post and Postmedia Canada and all of them are available on my Facebook page, where comments also abound, and on Twitter.

Thanks to everyone and here’s to more happy writing and reading. Cheers!

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


3 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Anniversary Lawdiva!

  1. Christine Thanks for that! I’ll be back to my regular blog schedule soon. My blog is banned in China as is most other foreign media. I’m in Thailand now with lots of story ideas from my 2 weeks in China. Cheers!

  2. One of the greatest words for the next generation is ” ENGAGE ! ” I trust that you will continue to do so. Kindest Regards Paul

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