Why Do Teachers Have Sex With Their Students Part 2

When I was in high school, albeit many decades ago, I never heard of teacher/student affairs. The closest relationship to that of teacher/student was our school’s male drama teacher, who married one of his students after she graduated from high school. I have no idea when their liaison began but there was no hue and cry, only some whispering in the corridors.

I also remember one female teacher inviting me and another girl in my Grade 12 class to come to her apartment on a Saturday morning to eat cantaloupe with her on her balcony. It seemed perfectly innocent to me. In the 1960’s nobody ever assigned a perverse motive to such an invitation.

Consider the following additional explanations for the scandal of a young teacher bedding a teenage boy:

1. Loneliness

Psychologists who have looked at teacher/student relationships posit that frequently a teacher will be facing difficulties in her home life, most commonly marital problems. In the case of Pamela Rogers, age 27, who had a three-month intimate relationship with a 13-year-old student, a forensic psychologist who testified on her behalf in court, explained that she was demoralized and feeling empty inside as she realized her marriage was unravelling. From there, she seemingly lost touch with the rules of society and began a process of “magical thinking”.

Pamela’s case astonished her Tennessee community as she had been a homecoming queen, referred to in the press as a “blonde bombshell”. She was a stunning beauty, who ended up with multiple charges for sexual battery and statutory rape. She plead “no contest” and was sentenced to nine months in jail with an eight year probation period to follow.

Just like Mary Kay Letourneau, she continued the relationship with her young paramour, sending him nude photos, sex videos and text messages. Her inability to stop the relationship led to a nine-year prison term at Tennessee’s Women’s Prison and designation as a sexual offender.

2. History of Sexual Abuse

Women who were sexually abused as children may fall into the same pattern they were exposed to. Dr. Larry Morris, author of the book “Dangerous Women: Why Mothers, Daughters and Sisters Become Stalkers, Molesters and Murderers” opines that many woman who engage in illicit relationships with children come from “conflict-ridden families where they don’t learn healthy social skills. Many learned to get their emotional needs–for love, attention and approval–met through sexual behavior.”

It is sadly disturbing that adult women can inflict such pain on their young charges,ignoring the harm they are causing to these boys or girls. In Part 3 of this post I will review the “Mrs. Robinson” sex fantasy that this conduct doesn’t damage boys, it helps them.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

10 thoughts on “Why Do Teachers Have Sex With Their Students Part 2

  1. Teenagers and often young people in there twenties sometimes lack the emotional maturity and boundaries that are necessary to prevent exploitation by unscrupulous individuals. Their wanting to be like adults allows them to engage in risky sexual behaviour and other conduct- a combination of hormones gone wild and lack of judgement so characteristic of this age group- allows gang members to exploit them and sexual predators to manipulate them with the seeming consent of the victims. Often blinded by romantic imaginings and teenage fantasies the victims believe they are consenting adults. Manipulated by the predator the victim may take decades to realize
    the full extent of the exploitaion and evil that was perpetrated on them.
    There will always be sexual predators and evil indivudals around to prey on our children but our schools and institutions need to develop programs that speak openly about these issues, and have resources available so young people can go to them for help without fear of legal enforcement or further exploitation of their privacy and lives by those wanting to do so in order to further their own agenda. Sexual predators can be uncles and aunts, older cousins or the neighbour or teacher or coach- children need to know that they have someone safe to report it to.
    On the other hand, the reportage of false accusations has led to a lack of normal social contact between students and teachers such as teachers having social outings with students. When I went to university it was not uncommon for the small seminar classes in third and fourth year for our professors to have the students to their homes for a social bbq or dinner as a group. Professors were true mentors then and freinds to the students. Many of mine are lifelong friends.Today this is virtually impossible as professors are instructed to leave their doors open when students come to their offices for fear of false sexual accusations by students. Careers have been ruined because of false accusations and insinuations by troubled and unscrupulous people.

  2. Since your 2010 piece on Bruce Nozolino involved Colorado Springs, CO, please look up his co-anti tax petitioner, Douglas Bruce, who was just found guilty of Colorado state tax evasion.

    Interesting leads:
    D Bruce testified to C Springs (El Paso County) grand jury and vouched for Nozolino’s character (only after ducking nearly 30 subpoenas- Bruce thought they were after him). In 2011 Bruce ran a slate of 4 candidates for C Springs city council – one of the 4 was Nozolino’s girlfriend Gretchen Kasameyer. The day after the whole slate lost the election, Bruce was arrested on Colorado state grand jury indictment (what he was afraid of the county-Nozolino subpoenas were about). Stumbled all over defending himself in court, but he retained David Lane (see Balloon Boy and Ward Churchill) for his appeal and possible IRS tax fraud defense.

    Find more at huffpost, denverpost.com & wikipedia

  3. Of a parallel factor, too many mothers sexuality abuse their own children. The thought is so far outside of what feminist victimology thinking will allow, that just to raise the issue, is responded to with outrage, and is seen as a sadistic attack against women by controlling men. In my Court work, I came across more women child abusers than men child abusers. Of course I found controlling men who mistreated their wives, but the children in these cases were often just incidental victims of a very bad home atmosphere, rather than being directly abused. The game of the mother was to set up the appearance of being a victim of their man, and twist things into making the fathers into distant perpetrators from whom they needed protection. Sometimes it was indeed the truth, but not always. The mother would arrange to have the father removed, by playing on the man’s personal weaknesses, and place them into situations where they would removed from their home for drug use, alcohol abuse etc. The whole game, would be set up by the mother to obtain a financial revenue stream from the man, then keep the father out of the social picture of the children, so she could pursue the sexual abuse of her children without observing eyes. Often also sympathetic bond was nurtured with the local female social worker and women from other helping agencies, such as well meaning volunteers at local “women’s shelters” and other helping agencies, to surround the perpetrator with ‘protector friends’ who did not know what was really the larger game. I would assume that the propensity to perpetrate harm in a family setting is about equal between men and women. However, the female expression of it is more subtle and socially manipulative, and not as overtly physical in violence, nevertheless just as harmful to children.

  4. Paul…I’m sorry, but I think that you have a well-seated personal agenda that may be clouding your judgment in terms of posting here. I don’t mean to be rude, but perhaps you should lay off the caffeine for a while.

    My sense is that Georgialee set up this blog to expose important legal issues of interest to most, not as a forum for persons with particular axes to grind. But it is not my blog, so I cannot, under any circumstances, comment for our host.

    On the topic….as a callow youth in high school I lusted after a particularly beautiful teacher. Thinking back, the primary accomplishment in my then-young life would have been to have had a relationship with her. Well of course that never happened.

    When I view the more frequent stories of female teachers liaising with young male students, I have to admit that , initially, my first inclination was “where were these teachers when I was in school?”.

    Being a bit older and wiser, advancing into geezer-hood, I recognize that such a relationship can have serious and profound implications on the youths involved. And as such, must be discouraged.

    And Georgialee, if I have overstepped my bounds as a commentator with respect to Paul’s submission, I apologize.

  5. Bruce, I appreciate your comment. I also have noticed a trend in Paul’s commenting that troubles me but wasn’t sure I should address it as a commenter. (I certainly wasn’t interested in getting into an argument here.)

    Paul #2, the third commenter who does not appear to be the same Paul as the original comment: I did not read the article linked, but I just wish to point out that the Canadian Children’s Rights Council is led by a person who has shown to have anti-feminist/men’s-rights leanings and it would be wise for anyone reading information presented by that group to be aware of it.

    I am not saying that the information presented by that article is wrong or right – I have not read it, and I would never suggest that there are not women who abuse – but it is very important to be aware of potential bias and make sure you confirm facts with trusted (preferably peer-reviewed where possible) sources.

    My own 2 cents regarding teacher-student intimate relationships: It shouldn’t happen – teachers should have the integrity to understand that they are in a position of authority, and even if, in different circumstances, the teacher and student might have met and had a successful relationship, the teacher-student relationship takes priority once it’s established.

    I feel that in many cases where it does happen, when it’s not strictly a predatory thing, where a teacher may think he or she has genuine romantic feelings for a particular student and only that particular student, it is the result of that teacher having failed to emotionally develop into adulthood. An adult should not generally be able to emotionally connect with a student on the same level until that student has finished developing and come into adulthood him or herself.

  6. Jody, excellent point. I too recall normal social contact with my teachers, who were genuine role models. By contrast, my kids’ generation has faced a distancing from their teachers. I’ve had many conversation where teachers (usually but not always male) confess their fear of a single false accusation destroying their career and lives.

  7. Gordy Stefulic, a teacher in Ontario, just loved many of the hot students @ her schools. Position has its privileges . She has now retired and in effect has “got away with it” just like my Indian friend who did much the same but is now living on the outskirts of Mumbai.

  8. Ontario teachers are not alone in these matters. Pedophilia is rampant in other industries. There is a paralegal named Warda who is into little boys. He has a financial interest in the business below. In additional to being a pedo he is also a crooked shyster.

    HONEST REVIEW: MACC (Mississauga Automotive Collision Centre ) & MC TOWING
    I’ve had a recent misfortune of dealing with two crappy businesses in Mississauga. The review below was removed from google reviews for some reason, but I assure you that all the events below are true.

    This place goes by MACC / McLaren Collision Centre / Mississauga Collision Centre / Mississauga Car Rental. All are owned and operated by the same people, at the same facility at 1095 Fewster

    They are affiliated with MC Towing & Storage, or at least closely tied to them. Both trucks on site were registered to MC Towing & Storage, and they were on premises for 3+ hours

    1-star rating is due to:

    Misinformation provided by both MACC / McLaren Collision Centre / Mississauga Collision Centre / Mississauga Car Rental and MC Towing & Storage

    The car rental company, Mississauga Car Rental, is owned and operated on the same premises. They set you up with one of their vehicles, make you pay high towing charges and storage charges, and will not release your vehicle (which they keep behind a gate) until the bill is paid. For a period of under a week, the bill was OVER $1,000. And that was them “doing us a favour” with time-sensitive sales tactics

    They OPENLY CELEBRATE when someone pays these exorbitant fees – talking about bonuses for cars, etc. Once money was paid, it was immediately e-transferred to the drivers, etc. who celebrated. No sensitivity shown to those who have just gotten into car accidents and had to pay an insane amount of fees to get their car back

    They have some “under the table” dealings. Kept saying their credit card machine was down, and that their Moneris account is not working. Pushing e-transfer (through Gmail and Hotmail accounts – not business accounts), certified cheque or cash. Pushing payment without HST and without receipts

    No camera policy inside. They have their own surveillance cameras, but refuse to let you take pictures of any paperwork

    MC Towing & Storage tow truck drivers were openly smoking marijuana outside, and then operating vehicles

    Their whole business model is to convince you to keep your vehicle with them as long as possible. That way you rack up storage fees and car rental fees, on top of towing fees. They pretend to help you, and claim they help you, but then they force you to pay ridiculous charges to even get your vehicle back, and then celebrate their bonuses when you pay.


    If you know of any other scams like this, please spread the word!!!

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