Mature Couple Lose Their Baby Because They are Too Old

In a story out of Turin, Italy, 70-year old father, Luigi De Ambrosis and his 57-year old wife, Gabriella, lost their 18-month old baby girl, Viola, after an Italian court ordered the child be taken into care because her parents were too old.

After years of futile attempts to have children and two failed adoption applications, Luigi and Gabriella travelled overseas for fertility treatments.

In Italy the age limit for fertility treatment is 43 years old, a law that was introduced after several Italian women in their 50’s and 60’s had children through artificial insemination, conduct that angered the Catholic Church.

The couple protested that after successful careers as a former mayor and a librarian, they had the means and the health to take care of their child, but to no avail.

The Court was scathing in its criticism of the De Ambrosis’ saying their baby was the “fruit of a distorted application of the opportunities offered by advances in genetics” and that their choice showed a “disregard for the child’s best interests”, as she would likely be orphaned at an early age or be a caregiver for her parents.

Important testimony in the case against them came from their neighbors who reported the child crying on several occasions, which the court found was evidence of an inability to care for the child.

Not surprisingly, the couple’s lawyers have filed an appeal of the decision.

This case is a reminder of why the State has no business in the bedrooms of its citizens.

Obviously the Turin judges do not subscribe to the adage that “Sixty is the new fifty”!

2 thoughts on “Mature Couple Lose Their Baby Because They are Too Old

  1. That’s outrageous! Removing the child on the bare fact of the parents’ ages is pretty short-sighted. I know of many grandparents who are raising their grandchildren in place of the parents and do a fine job of it.

    Besides which, parents of all ages are at risk for dying prematurely and orphaning the child for all sorts of reasons. This is why we have godparents!

    Would they remove from responsible younger parents who suffer from medical conditions or disabilities likely to reduce their lifespans or require extra home assistance? Because I don’t really see a difference.

    Those neighbours who complained are probably cranky people who have either not raised children of their own or are too far removed from their experience to know what is normal, expected child behaviour.

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