Defamed Husband Sets the Record Straight

The rumour mill was running rampant in the village of St. Michaels on the Lancashire coast in England when Gary Dean said “That’s enough.”

Dean, a successful advertising executive and publishing entrepreneur, decided to set the record straight by starting a website at called “The Truth About Helen Louise Dean v. Gary Dean.”

Dean and his wife separated after nineteen years of marriage and four children. The divorce was finalized in 2007 and all financial issues had been resolved, yet the gossip mill continued to pump out offensive, inflammatory, even defamatory stories about how Dean left his wife and children penniless. He was describe as “greedy, tight, and ruthless.”

The problem was none of it was true, so Mr. Dean posted the settlement pronounced in the local Preston Court on his website. He disclosed that his wife received $5.9 million, including diamonds, other jewelery, watches, a Mercedes and an Audi convertible together with $24,000 per year for each of the four children and payment of the children’s private school fees.

Dean remarked that if he lived in in London, Manchester or a similar city, his divorce would not have attracted any attention, but in his small village, which he likened to “Coronation Street”, he was forced to go public.

At the time of the Dean’s divorce, family law hearings were private and the media had no access to decisions. As of April 2009, the law has changed and divorce and family law cases in England are now in the public arena.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


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