Pithy Law Firm Slogans

Now that most law firms have websites and some even have blawgs, we see more law firm slogans than we did when lawyers only advertised in the Yellow Pages. (You do remember the Yellow Pages?)

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, consider my top ten slogans:

1. Our Dress Code Does Not Include Stuffed Shirts

2. Talent Mandatory. Suit Optional

3. We Not Only Try Harder, We Try More Often

4. Your Success is Our Success

5. Minds Over Matter

6. We Can’t Protect Your Heart, But We Can Protect Your Rights

7. Winning At All Costs

8. All We Do Is Work

9. Lawyers You’ll Swear By. Not At.

10. Justice May Be Blind, But She Sees It Our Way 90% of the Time

If you know of any other interesting legal slogans let me know. By the way, did you know that “slogan” has two meanings? It can be a “motto” or the “battle cry of a Scottish clan”.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

5 thoughts on “Pithy Law Firm Slogans

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  2. Hi LawDiva, I have a weekly talk radio show on the law called “Stand Up, Speak Up for Your Rights with Matt Martin.” I want to use a couple of these on my 8-15-13 show in a humorous spot I will call, Funny Law Firm Slogans. I made up a couple myself, and then I started to look on the web to find more. Can I have your permission to use a few? I will give credit to you, of course.

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