Win a Divorce on Valentine’s Day!

Auckland’s no. 1 radio station “The Rock” prides itself on “Bands, babes, balls and bull.” Is it any wonder their Valentine’s Day promotion is tacky and crass?

One lucky male listener will have an opportunity on Valentine’s Day to surprise his wife by announcing to her, live on-air, that their marriage is over. To win the prize, a free divorce, the announcement must come as a complete shock to the wife. Sounds like loads of fun? I think not.

Certain conditions apply, of course. The couple cannot have children and the spouse being dropped must have no idea what is coming.

Station manager Brad King says the stunt is a tongue-in-cheek promo on a male-oriented radio station. Last year’s Valentine promotion saw a New Zealand bloke fly over to the Ukraine to pick a wife, courtesy of The Rock. The winner spent twelve nights in the Ukraine with $2000.00 spending money and a visit to a local marriage agency.

Mr. King reports their 2011 stunt “made two people from opposite sides of the world very happy”, while acknowledging the criticism heaped upon them from “minority groups”.

An organization called Home and Family Counselling are one of many who find this latest promotion detestable. Executive director Mary Gray said: “We find the promotion a very cowardly and disrespectful response to a very serious problem between two people.”

This is beyond cruel. Is anybody laughing?

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

2 thoughts on “Win a Divorce on Valentine’s Day!

  1. This radio station is the same station that had a contest last Valentine’s Day with a prize of a mail-order bride.

    It’s lovely to see misogyny is alive and well and so, so blatant.

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