R.A.I.D.S.! (Recently Acquired Income Deficiency Syndrome)

Family law lawyers often refer to a deadly disease called “R.A.I.D.S.” which is very contagious among family law litigants and frequently used as an excuse by wealthy spouses to explain the sudden downturn in their income.

In a 2010 decision by Judicial Hearing Officer Stanley Gartenstein of Nassau County, New York, Supreme Court Officer Gartenstein wrote:

“After a long and bitterly contested trial, this complex litigation may best be summed up as a well-crafted but legally bankrupt claim of “sudden poverty”, a disease which seems to infect matrimonial litigants with particular frequency.”

“Apart from the time, effort and expense to which he has put his wife to penetrate the smoke-screen he has so skillfully created– and we must give him credit for that–his schemes are a house of cards constructed by a self-indulgent individual intent upon his own gratification at the expense of all of those innocent persons who have given of themselves to him and had a right to expect more.”

I’d love to hear a judge in Vancouver tell it like it is, like Officer Gartenstein. Bravo!

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


4 thoughts on “R.A.I.D.S.! (Recently Acquired Income Deficiency Syndrome)

  1. But Gartenstein himself came down with R.A.I.D. Recently Acquired Irrationality Disorder. Later in 2010 he linked me to a mass murder in U.S. history -the Fort Hood Massacre. he also hallucinated i committed a Class B felony for which i was never prosecuted and where there was no police report or any other record. He also concocted alibis for the opposing side. gartenstein turned out to be a bully craving media attention.

  2. Gartenstein’s accusation that i made “thinly veiled threats in the idiom used bythe perpetrator of the Fort Hood massacre” is outrageous in light of the tragedy in Newtown,CT. The Nassau County D.A. and the U.S. Atty. for the EDNY did not find any terrorist threats or Class B felonies which explains why I am free to complain. Gartenstein recused himself on Oct. 26, 2010 but he caused me and my children irreparable harm. He viewed adjudication as being a referee in a football game where he could write opinions that would attract media attention with his witty comments.

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