Divorce Can Be Deadly

We’ve been told by experts that smoking, overeating and excessive consumption of alcohol can shorten our life span, but now we find out that divorce may be as bad as the above-mentioned vices.

A new study from the University of Arizona reveals that the risk of premature death is 23% higher in divorced people than those whose marital bonds are still intact.

The research involved more than 6.5 million adults in eleven countries, over a time span of 27 years. To ensure accuracy, the research was statistically controlled for age, smoking, weight and medical conditions, allowing only the effects of divorce to be measured. Breaking the data down into gender, divorced men were at a substantially higher risk than divorced women.

Professor David Sbarra, who led the study, left open the issue of cause and effect. Does divorce lead to poor health or does poor health lead to divorce? He noted that further research is required to determine how divorce affects us biologically.

I can hear people saying “If I had stayed with my husband/wife I’d be in the grave by now!”

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

5 thoughts on “Divorce Can Be Deadly

  1. I dont know about in Canada but in Japan a lot of men after a divorce or death of spouse dont know how to look after themselves, can not operate a washing machine or cook anything harder than instant noodles or microwave take-out food. Eating healthily usually takes a nosedive. I will agree though that stress factors are greatly reduced.

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