Sinead O’Connor’s Bizarre 18 Day Marriage

Irish singer and songwriter, Sinead O’Connor’s Las Vegas wedding this month ended almost before it began. The 18-day marriage, actually seven days of cohabitation according to Ms. O’Connor, was terminated by her, because her husband, Barry Herridge, a therapist, was unhappy.

O’Connor explained that her husband was being disrespected by “people in his life” but provided scant details. She also said on their wedding night she was out looking for “weed”, since she didn’t drink and her husband was “badly affected by that experience.”

If one reads between the lines, it sounds like Barry’s family and friends thought he had lost his mind by marrying the troubled Ms. O’Connor after meeting her on line. This was her fourth marriage. Her third marriage in 2010 lasted almost a year.

Sinead O’Connor emerged on the international music scene in 1989 and was nominated for several Grammy awards, winning her first in 1990. Unfortunately, it was all down hill from there. She was castigated for denouncing the Pope when she hosted Saturday Night Live and admitted to Oprah that she was bipolar. She has also been vocal about the physical abuse she suffered as a child.

Today she is best-known for her trademark shaved head and her number 1 hit “No One Compares 2 U”.

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