Stolen Sperm Results in Twins

Joe Pressil, a 36-year-old telecommunications manager from Texas, is the surprised father of two bouncing baby boys, courtesy of his ex-girlfriend and the Advanced Fertility Centre of Texas.

Pressil’s girlfriend became pregnant with twins three months after the couple separated. Upon the twins’ birth, Pressil was hauled into court and ordered to pay child support as DNA testing confirmed he was the biological father.

Somewhat mystified, because his girlfriend had claimed she had a medical condition that rendered her unable to have children, Pressil began paying child support, unaware that he was the subject of a scheme allegedly concocted by his ex.

The plot began to unravel when Mr. Pressil received a receipt in the mail from the Advanced Fertility Centre that referred to him as a “patient” of the clinic. Pressil had never been to the clinic, but clearly his sperm had been used to impregnate his ex-girlfriend.

Now devastated, Pressil began to review in his mind his girlfriend’s behavior after they had sexual relations and remembered that at her request, he used a “special” condom, which she routinely took to the bathroom to discard. He believed this was curious at the time, but had no reason to give it a second thought.

Pressil alleges in his lawsuit against the fertility clinic that the clinic used his sperm without his knowledge or consent.

The clinic acknowledges that Pressil may not have attended the clinic, but his sperm, a blood work report, and his signed consent form were delivered to them. As well, the clinic confirmed that Pressil’s health insurance and credit card was used for the IVF procedure.

A clinic spokesperson admitted it was possible that the forms may have been fabricated by Pressil’s ex, and confirmed it was not unusual for the process to be completed without the sperm donor ever attending their offices.

For now, Pressil remains unimpressed with the clinic’s protocol, but confirms he put his ex-girlfriend on his health insurance when they were together.

Pressil’s lawyer, Jason Gibson, hopes this litigation will stop “one stop baby shop” businesses from continuing the practice his client complains about.

What about Pressil’s ex- girlfriend? She is not a party to the lawsuit, but her lawyer says Pressil’s claim is a scam and is all about avoiding payment of child support.

While reproductive technology is a godsend for most, mix in allegations of fraud and this is what you get!

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


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