Kim Kardashian Faces Allegations of Marriage Fraud

Kim Kardashian may have lost her role as the mistress of the “bigtop” in the circus of the Kardashian/Humphries divorce.

Kris Humphries just filed a claim in the California courts for an order annulling his marriage to Ms. Kardashian on the basis of fraud. If an annulment is granted, it is as if there was no marriage at all.

How does one qualify for an annulment rather than a divorce? In British Columbia a marriage may be annulled under any of the following circumstances:

1. The spouses were over the age of seven, but the female spouse was under the age of twelve and the male spouse was under the age of fourteen;

2. One of both of the spouses did not consent to the marriage or were under duress or were coerced into the marriage;

3. The male spouse is impotent or the female spouse is sterile;

4. The marriage cannot be consummated;

5. The marriage was a sham;

6. One or both of the spouses agreed to marry as a result of fraud or misrepresentation.

Mr. Humphries says that Kim mislead him to believe their marriage would be “til death do us part”, but her real motive was ratings on the Kardashian reality television show. His view is shared by Ms. Kardashian’s former publicist, Jonathan Jaxson, who publicly opined that Kim never intended her marriage to Kris to be real, as she was still pining for old boyfriend Reggie Bush. Kim’s now suing Jaxson for breaching a confidentiality contract, although she may have trouble with that since neither Jaxson or Kim signed the contract.

When Kim filed for divorce and then left town, she apparently blindsided Mr. Humphries. Looks like she’s getting a little of her own medicine back and is reportedly incensed.

I’m having trouble conjuring up any sympathy for her. What do you think?

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


6 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Faces Allegations of Marriage Fraud

  1. If Kris can prove fraud, then he is entitled to the return of the engagement ring from Kim. Then the wedding guests will be entitled to the return of their gifts. Which will leave all of us wondering “Why did Kim choose not to find a scam artist like herself to engage in this marriage fraud?”

  2. Marla

    Apparently the Kardashian/Humphries pre-nup contains a clause that says if they divorce, Kim can keep the ring but must pay Kris $2 million (the original cost).

    This shouldn’t be a problem for Kim since she reportedly earned $14.5 million for her TV wedding.

    How crass!

  3. it’s absolutely totally fraud ..
    any judge (that’s honest) would grant an annulment .
    supposedly humphries comes from a family of lawyers ..and they don’t think much of OJ simpsons lawyer or his greedy dirty daughter who is famous for getting urinated on …LOL
    the whole family is repulsive & so is ryan seacrest ..
    the editing in the last episode was absurd
    (caught the clips on the net )
    was it edited by a 2 year old ?
    and is THIS supposed to make her look good ???!!!!!!!!!
    anyone with half a brain can see the conversation between hump & kimode was chopped up to make ‘hump’ look bad..
    AHAHAAA PUH-LEEEZE walking in on a nekkid ‘porn’star posing as a yogi …ahahaaa ..
    no shame , heard he has his ‘goods’ all over his facebook page ….LAWD !
    the kartrashians are obviously lost in their own narcissistic world as i doubt there is anyone who finds them likeable or attractive ..
    khloe had possibilities but she didn’t distance herself from the family when she should have …
    their 15 minutes are long gone ..
    they have enough money ..
    hopefully they will go away now ………
    but all the money in the world won’t wash off the stink of piss & greed …..
    she’s DUNZO ….

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  5. LawDiva

    Kris is asking the court to annul his marriage based on fraud. Maybe Kris is going to argue that their pre-nuptial is void because he entered into it based on Kim’s fraudulent behaviour. If his argument is successful, he may see compensation for the damages he suffered as result of Kim’s fraud. Personally, I think their whole wedding and divorce fiasco can best be resolved by the delete button on our computers.

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