Michael Jackson’s Doctor Responsible For His Death

Houston cardiac specialist, Dr. Conrad Murray, was thrilled when he was hired as Michael Jackson’s personal physician, charged with keeping Jackson fit and healthy for a fifty night concert series Jackson would perform in London, England, concerts that were sold out as soon as they were announced.

Michael Jackson had rented a palatial home in Los Angeles which was headquarters for him and his three children as he rehearsed his new show at the Staples Centre each evening. After grueling hours of dancing and singing, he would return home. That was when Dr. Murray’s job really began. It was Murray’s task to help Michael Jackson sleep, a state that constantly eluded the pop icon.

On the last night of Michael’s life, Dr. Murray gave him multiple doses of valium and other anti-anxiety medicines, but Michael could not sleep. Michael was desperate as he knew that if he could not sleep, he could not rehearse, and the most important thing in Michael’s life was his comeback in London, only months away.

Michael told Dr. Murray that his previous physicians had treated him with propofol when sleep alluded him. Propofol is an anesthetic used in surgery, not a sleeping pill. Michael called it his “milk”, a creamy formula that was administered to Michael on an intravenous drip.

On Michael’s last night on earth, Dr. Murray acceded to Michael’s desperate plea for his milk. Michael could not fall asleep. Murray set up the propofol drip for Michael and left Michael’s bedroom. Michael died.

The events that followed were the subject of weeks of recent testimony in a Los Angeles courtroom. What is now known is that Dr. Murray cleaned up Michael’s bedroom, discarded any signs of propofol and failed to tell ambulance paramedics or emergency physicians that he had administered propofol intravenously to his patient.

Two days later he disclosed to police investigators that Michael Jackson had taken propofol before he died. He died in front of this three hysterical children, who knew their father was dead in his bedroom.

Today, a jury of his peers, found Dr. Murray of guilty of involuntary manslaugher, which is the unlawful killing of a human being, without malice aforethought. That means that while Dr. Murray did not maliciously intend to kill Michael Jackson, his unintended actions caused his death.

Dr. Murray was handcuffed and led away by sheriffs to the Los Angeles county jail. Throngs of fans outside the courthouse hooted and hollered as they celebrated Dr. Murray’s conviction for their idol’s demise.

Michael’s family, who attended each day of the trial, retained their dignity as they left the courthouse. LaToya Jackson said she believed that Michael was watching the proceedings from the heavens.

A tragic ending to a terrible story about the loss of an incredible talent.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


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