DNA Test Will Save or Sink Justin Bieber

Teen idols come and go. Does anyone remember David Cassidy or Rick Springfield? They were hot and we loved them. Justin Bieber, a home-grown Canadian boy is the latest offering to the under-13 crowd, a mop-top, baby-faced angel who looks just like the boy next door…the cute one.

As a pop sensation with a large bank account, it is no surprise that he has become the target of a paternity action in California. The lurid allegations include 30 seconds of coitus in a back stage bathroom with 20-year-old Mariah Yeater. I’ve heard of one-night stands but this truly was a “wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am”!

But there is a quick and easy solution to Justin’s problem. If I was his lawyer I would get him to a DNA lab tout suite to determine if he is the father of Miss Yeater’s three-month-old son, Tristyn.

DNA testing is both reliable and accurate. If there is no biological connection between Justin and the infant, the test will come out at zero per cent probability of paternity. If Justin is the father, the expected result is 99.9 % probability of parentage.

As the father, he will pay child support to Miss Yeater pursuant to California’s Child Support Guidelines, a calculation based on the payor’s income. With his income, he can expect to be ordered to pay for a “Cadillac” childhood for his son.

Hey Justin! Look at it this way. You know you’ve really made it in show business when you have to dodge steamy allegations and remember, in the age of rapidly revolving celebrities, you may one day crave this kind of media coverage.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


One thought on “DNA Test Will Save or Sink Justin Bieber

  1. Have just heard that actor Hugh Grant has become a pappy too after a quick fling. He however has accepted responsibility and is said to be very happy at the news of becoming a father. There is some kind of karma I think when it comes to Mr. Bieber though.

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