Kardashian Wedding Vows Mean Nothing

I can’t believe I’m actually writing about Kim Kardashian but here goes! Ms. Kardashian, who is famous for being famous, but nonetheless a hero and role model to many youngsters, has confirmed to the world that she is completely morally bankrupt.

Just over two months ago she married NBA basketball player Kris Humphries in a $10 million dollar wedding. That in itself, was certain proof that her values were really screwed up!

Today she has filed divorce documents citing “irreconcilable differences”. Turns out she doesn’t like her husband sitting around waiting for the NBA strike to settle and wants him to go to work. She also complains that if she moves with her beloved to his home in Minnesota, her Hollywood career will evaporate.

I know these two only dated for a little while, but don’t ya think it would have been easier to discuss these issues before you spent $10 million dollars and embarrassed yourselves in front of everyone?

OK, I guess you were too busy figuring out how to make maximum dollars out of the most important day of your life (Maybe the second most important day, as Kim was already married and divorced once).

Clearly the part about “until death do we part” was just a joke for Kim, a narcissist who apparently doesn’t have a brain in her pretty little head.

I know I shouldn’t care, but ………

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


4 thoughts on “Kardashian Wedding Vows Mean Nothing

  1. Don’t forget it was reported that she was shopping around for an NBA player as a husband, some reportedly said no when they were told she was interested in them. Other gossip mags suggest that Kris had practically zero to do with planning his own wedding, including where it was performed and the guest list.

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