Father Frustrated With Child Support Order Drives Eighteen-Wheeler Into Court

It is not unusual to hear of litigants who leave the courthouse upset at the results of their court hearing. In criminal court I have heard in-custody accused swear at their presiding judge as they shuffle out of the courtroom. The judges mostly don’t respond, they ignore the outburst. Other judges reply with a quip such as “Another satisfied customer!”

Roy Conger Jr. of Illinois was mightily upset when his application to reduce or terminate child support was dismissed by a family court judge. Conger argued he had lost his employment and could not afford payments totaling $13,000 every year. He complained he was bankrupt and could not even pay his mortgage payments of $1000 per month.

But the judge wasn’t buying it and refused to reduce the child support, finding that he was entirely to blame for the loss of his job. This was the second unsuccessful application in a month that Conger brought for child support relief.

Conger was mad and vowed to get even. His revenge? In the early morning hours he attempted to back his 18-wheeler rig into the courthouse entrance. When the police arrived they saw the huge truck stuck on the courthouse steps and no sign of a driver.

Conger later turned himself into the police where he was charged with damaging government property and held on bail of $25,000. Can you say “anger management classes”?

“When anger arises, think of the consequences.” Confucius

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


5 thoughts on “Father Frustrated With Child Support Order Drives Eighteen-Wheeler Into Court

  1. Strange how child support doesn’t go down even while you lose your job or become unemployed. The money is magically supposed to come from somewhere. In Japan the ex-wife can apply to have your salary seized by the court if you don’t pay.

  2. Wage garnishee is also available here as well as money that comes through government –even a driver’s license. Child support should be paid before other things as a top priority. Unfortunately, sometimes the children never receive the benefit. Sometimes the Courts are used as psychological warfare instead of helping. And sometimes the ordered ‘payments’ amount to more than the complete income of the payer, which has caused more than a few to become so depressed that they commit suicide after an unrealistic Court result. What about the principle that both parents are equally obligated to financially and emotionally support the children that they bring into this world?

  3. Child support guidelines in Canada are designed to punish those who pay. A quick search on the Federal Governments website will explain how the guidelines came into effect and how truely corrupt they are. Child support is on gross income, 65% of your income is subject to taxes and child support, for one child. The model itsself is based on many assumptions…..the payer has NO expenses for the children yet they are to provide food, clothing, toys, beds, etc. etc. etc. the very same things the recipient has to provide. The model also states both the recipient and payer are single, yet statistics show most families are blended. The guidelines also state payments are to reflect payers income to be sure the children and spouse have the same standard of life they had before the seperation. So this means absolutly there is built in spousal support! With child support not reflected in tax assesments the payer is paying huge amount of taxes, while the recipient pays none. Yet if the recipient is on social assistance it is income, if the recipient is trying to build credit it is income…….child support is income and should be treated as such. The government decided it is not income simply to pad their pockets……1 billion dollars in five years to be exact!
    I am a “second” wife, I completely agree with the concept of child support. They are his children, he should HELP to support them. My husband pays support for his 2 children, I have a child as well from a previous marriage. My sons father died when he was very young, I recieved no death benefits of any kind, I never went to social services. I worked full time. My son is 15, non verbal, not toilet trained, doesn’t sleep more than 5 hours per night, has servere eating dissorders….he is autistic and is considered severe on the spectum. I have worked full time his whole life…..until recently. We live in Saskatchewan where the disability supports are only availiable to low income families. For 4 years I received services which included child care based on my income alone because my husband is not my son bio father. This year they decided it has to be household income……..they have cut us off. I have had to quit my job to stay home with my son, I cannot pay $9 per hour in child care when I only made $11…..I cannot even pay the deductions off of my cheque! After taxes and child support from my husbands income we are left with less than $24000 per year to survive. BELOW poverty line! Even though it states in the guidelines and laws “the guidelines have to be flexable to accomodate more complex situations” this little exerpt is ignored in family courts today. 3 years ago my son got sick and almost died, It took months to diagnose and a full year to recover, during this time I could not work. My husband did the best he could to keep up with the required payments but soon fell behind, we ended up in family court and tried an undue hardship claim. It was denied……the ex-wife and her spouse make combind income far greater, almoost double than ours! the judge said “second families are no excuse to lower the required payments” How’s that for you? my son almost died and our claim was denied. Because child support is tax exempt, I have lost all of my support for my DISABLED child, because the child support guidelines are so high my child lives in poverty. There is a reason these men don’t pay their child support…..if anyone in the media had the time or gutts to examine this important issue they would find the reason is THEY SIMPLY CANNOT PAY THESE ABSURD AMOUNTS and still financially support themselves. It is time for the government to wake up and review these guidelines and laws, so that they can be equal and stop treating these payers like criminals. I ask you……can you survive on 35% of you wage? Yes, support your children, but the payments must be more reasonable.

  4. Thank you for sharing your heart-wrenching story. I have seen cases like yours time and time again.

    An application under the “undue hardship” section of the Guidelines is rarely successful. It’s similar to section 9 of the Guidelines where it says that if a parent has the children 40% of the time or more, they pay less child support. Once again, rarely does the court lower child support.

    These sections were included to appease certain Canadian Senators who were disinclined to vote in favour of the Guidelines. The Senators were right in their early assessment of some of the implications of the Guidelines.

    Thanks for your contribution! Best regards, Georgialee

  5. If Roy Conger Jr. didn’t actually desert his family and gave no grounds for divorce, then having him pay “child support” is just another form of extortion. The divorce industrial complex is an unholy racket which may cause the next civil war.

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