Wife Who Always Wanted a “Big Rock”, Gets One!

The Mayor of a small town east of Montreal decided to fulfull his ex-wife’s long-held desire for a “big rock”, by depositing a twenty-ton boulder on her front lawn to celebrate her birthday.

Danny Lariviere, Mayor of St. Theodore d’Acton, population 1500, and Isabelle Prevost divorced last year after a decade of marriage. Mr. Lariviere’s sense of humour, however, may get him into trouble. As the owner of an excavation company he transported the huge rock without incident and with all the proper paperwork.

When Ms. Prevost discovered her “gift” wrapped in a pink bow with “Happy Birthday Isa XX” spraypainted on it she called the police who asked the Mayor to remove the rock from her property. Bitter as a result of a long, expensive custody battle, Mr. Lariviere initially refused to remove it, until he heard that he could be charged with mischief or criminal harassment.

The 18 to 24 carat-ton rock is now gone and criminal charges are up in the air. Let’s hope the Crown has a better sense of whimsy than the Mayor’s ex-wife.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

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