We Don’t Talk Anymore…

We’ve all seen that grey haired couple in a posh restaurant who order their meals and never speak another word to each other. Or perhaps you’ve seen the couple who each have a newspaper holding their rapt attention that completely obscures the face of their dining mate. You knew it couldn’t be too long until some social scientist on a government grant would study and report on this important phenomena.

A British study found that pre-marriage, romantic couples will speak to one another for fifty minutes of an hour. But it all goes down hill after that.

Immediately after marriage, conversation drops to forty minutes per hour; after twenty years of marriage it’s only twenty-one minutes of the hour and after thirty years, it slumps to sixteen minutes.

If your marriage lasts fifty years, it is estimated that you will converse for 3 minutes of an hour. Can it be that there is nothing left to say after fifty years or is it that neither spouse can actually hear what the other is saying?

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


5 thoughts on “We Don’t Talk Anymore…

  1. Georgialee, people stay married for reasons other than actually just tolerating each other. Its expensive to get a divorce, people fear loneliness rather than having nothing to talk about. Wives stay in marriages because they are too old or “over the hill” to find another partner or they have “baggage”. People also find they have less in common than they think they did when they first got married.

  2. I run into couples all the time who once the kids pop out wife goes into “mother” mode and “wife” tunes out of the marriage with her partner. She’s now a “mommy” rather than a wife.

  3. Famous quote from someone who shall remain nameless after a 45- year in that stint called marriage. “….if he hadn’t died of cancer when he did I would have killed him myself”.

  4. Is it legal for an attorney to discuss case facts in court with support staff (i.e the court reporter) in open court even though there could be jurors in the courtroom although the court is not in session?

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