Lawdiva Updates on Recent Stories

CONRAD BLACK is back in the news again and will be resentenced tomorrow in a Chicago courtroom. You may recall that the United States Supreme Court struck down the law referred to as “honest services fraud” and set aside Lord Black’s convictions on those counts. What remained was the conviction for obstruction of justice (his removal of boxes of documents from his office) and another count of fraud.

Black has been out of prison on bail since his honest fraud convictions were struck. He and his attorneys hope for a ruling that will end his previous sentence of six and a half years, of which he served two years, before being bailed out last year.

One of the issues that will take centre stage at the resentencing is whether Mr. Black has acted as an arrogant dilettante in prison, as the prosecutors argue, or as a contrite educator and mentor to his fellow prisoners. For previous stories on Lord Black go to posts on July 8, July 19 and November 2, 2010.

GREG FULTZ, the disgruntled ex- boyfriend, who used a billboard on the main street of his town in New Mexico to accuse his former girlfriend (unnamed) of killing his baby when she had an abortion, was ordered by the court to immediately remove the sign. Fultz’s ex-girlfriend sued him for harassment and violation of privacy.

Fultz’s lawyer said his client’s right to free speech was ignored and he intends to appeal the ruling. His view is that the statement on the billboard is an anti-abortion message, which he has the right to promulgate. Fultz says he is willing to go to jail if necessary. Read the original story posted on June 7, 2011.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

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