Wife Sues Husband’s Mistress for His Crack Habit

Cynthia and Marc Siciliano, devout Jehovah’s Witnesses, were a happily married couple living in California with their daughter, until Marc began an affair with Jody Graham-Potts. Ms. Graham-Potts was employed as a driver in Marc’s limousine business.

Their devotion to one another was hidden from Ms. Siciliano, as was their mutual addiction to crack cocaine.

Marc’s secret life was suddenly revealed when he was pulled over while driving his girlfriend’s car and arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and driving while under the influence of crack.

Of course, the truth came tumbling out and Ms. Siciliano finally understood why her husband had been abusive to her and their daughter and why their limo business was floundering.

Ms. Siciliano forgave her husband but not his mistress. She commenced a civil action for damages against Ms. Graham-Potts under California’s obscure Drug Dealer Liability Act, a law spearheaded by “Archie Bunker” actor Carroll O’Connor after the suicide death of his son, a long-time addict.

The law was enacted to provide compensation for persons who had been harmed or injured by the sale or distribution of black market drugs and had previously been used for victims of serious motor vehicle accidents where the offending driver was high on illegal drugs.

Ms. Siciliano sought compensation of at least $100,000.00 for the emotional distress of her husband’s erratic and abusive behavior, allegedly caused by Ms. Graham-Potts.

Ms. Graham-Potts vigorously defended herself arguing that Mr. Siciliano was addicted to crack long before they began their affair. She also testified that she broke off the relationship with Marc after he broke her nose while in a drug-induced rage.

Marc Siciliano, who testified in his wife’s case, admitted he had used meth, but not crack, before he met Ms. Graham-Potts.

The ten-day trial ended with a three-hour jury deliberation and the dismissal of Ms. Siciliano’s case.

While there can be no doubt that her husband’s behavior caused chaos in their marriage and extreme emotional distress, including her husband’s ex-communication from the church, Ms. Siciliano sought to assign blame to the wrong person.

Marc Siciliano bore full responsibility for his family’s distress and ought to have acted like an adult by accepting and acknowledging his outrageous behavior. Frankly, I can’t believe he had the nerve to tell a judge it was “her” fault.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


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