Fake Facebook Friend Turns into Reverse Sting

Indiana police have released further details regarding the alleged “hit” on wife and mother Angela Voelkert. It now turns out that David Voelkert suspected his new “friend” Jessica was an attempt by his wife to lure him into a compromising situation and thus, bolster her case for custody of the children.

Mr. Voelkert contacted the FBI during the “friend scam” and swore an affidavit setting out his suspicions and his decision to pull a reverse sting on his wife.

Apparently the Indiana police arrested Mr. Voelkert, having not been informed that the FBI were fully aware of the situation.

David Voelkert has now been released and the felony charge against him dropped.

Perhaps the Indiana police should have conducted a full investigation before arresting and jailing Mr. Voelkert.

Whose stupid now?


3 thoughts on “Fake Facebook Friend Turns into Reverse Sting

  1. Love the blog Lawdiva!

    Fascinating how much effort folks put into deceiving one another just to make a buck or two more on a settlement.

    On another note, perhaps the local authorities acted quickly to insure that “planned ” murder did not take place. I give them kudos for acting in the interest of the alleged “victim” and society in general and sorting out the details later.

  2. You make a good point Sam, but do you think when Mr. Voelkert was arrested he didn’t say to local police “Call the FBI and they’ll vouch for me?”

    Thanks for your always interesting views. Cheers!

  3. The local police definitely did the prudent thing, arresting Mr. Voelkert. He was only in custody long enough to confirm his affidavit, and frankly he had to know he was going to be arrested… threatening murder… certainly gets to the point.

    It seems the Ex Mrs.Voelkert did nothing illegal since she hasn’t been arrested, but we can only hope that the Ex Mrs. V’s custody case is severely damaged by her poor judgement… just a guess but joint custody probably will not work so well.

    Beyond that, it seems to me Mr. V should have some type of civil suit from this situation…

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