Rest in Peace Michael Melnitzky

On December 29, 2010 I wrote a story about a former New York Sotheby’s auction executive, Michael Melnitzky, who had been a cracker jack in his vocation, but after a messy divorce spent most of his time engaged in lawsuits of various kinds. (See “Divorce Trials: Obsession or Hobby”)

From time to time the subjects of my stories will contact me either through email or more often, they will post a comment on my blog. I am always flattered when I hear from an individual I have written about, particularly when they want to engage me in a deeper understanding of their circumstances.

About ten days ago I received a cordial, self-deprecating email from Mr. Melnitzky who invited me to contact him to hear the whole story about his life after divorce. I returned his email and arranged to speak to him on the phone. But I never had a chance to make that call. Tonight I learned from his close friend that he committed suicide last evening.

Just a reminder friends that life is frail and peace is sometimes hard to find. I pray for Michael’s soul and hope he is now at rest. RIP

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


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