Happy Anniversary Lawdiva!

Today is the first year anniversary for my blog Lawdiva and it’s been quite a ride!

Lawdiva was born out of the realization that the book I was writing would not get finished so long as my legal career continued to interfere. (Funny thing how work has to come first!) After completing three chapters of a non-fiction, true crime story, I put it down and launched lawdiva.wordpress.com. (However, like a phoenix, my book will rise again!)

I hoped, and was pleasantly surprised to find that people from all over the world liked to read about interesting and quirky lawyers and judges, and tales of family law and criminal law, in a format of about 500 words.

To date, I have written 223 stories and received 555 comments from readers, not counting the comments my blog receives from twitter and facebook.

On October 28 2010, as an infant of five months, Lawdiva was named Canada’s Best Law Blog for 2010, thanks to my readers, friends and family.

A month ago Lawdiva caught the attention of Postmedia (formerly CanWest media and owner of most of the English language newspapers in Canada). Editor Derek Shelley invited me to contribute some stories to the pre-election debate. Four stories were published and can be found at canada.com if you google georgialee lang on their webpage. They can also be found right here on Lawdiva under the titles “Fighting Crime in Canada”; “Canadian Family Law System Decimates Families”; “Canada’s Failed Immigration Policies”; and “Is it Time to Elect Our Judges?”

These stories were also published in the Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, The Province, Vancouver Sun, Windsor Star, Montreal Gazette, Charlottetown Guardian and New Brunswick’s Telegraph-Journal.

A big THANK YOU to the thousands of visitors who come each month from Canada and the United States and from other far-flung regions of our world including: Kenya, Malaysia, Malta, India, Australia, Pakistan, Iran, Brazil, Mexico, El Salvador, the United Kingdom, Scotland, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Turkey, South Africa, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, China, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Italy, Luxembourg, Iceland, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Lithuania, Estonia, Mauritius, and Singapore. ( If I have missed your country, I apologize.)

Finally, Lawdiva is ranked #287 of over 7000 law blogs from all over the world on Justia Blawg, quite a feat for a one year-old baby!

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Lawdiva!

  1. Just read this, Georgialee! WAY TO GO! You write as well as you speak! Blessings to you as you continue to share insights into the legal world!

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