Dirty Divorce Tricks

It is not unusual for a divorce lawyer to hire a private detective. I can recall several occasions when a client needed a private investigator. Once to do surveillance on a business where my client feared her spouse would remove and hide heavy equipment and another time where a “sting” was set up on a client’s former girlfriend, the mother of his child, who was a “working girl” who said she was no longer in the business.

In both cases a P.I. was hired to get evidence, not to create it.

Unlike several cases in San Francisco where divorce lawyer Mary Nolan allegedly hired a private detective to assist her clients.

P.I. Christopher Butler arranged for two attractive woman to connect with the separated spouses of Ms. Nolan’s clients. In one scenario the unsuspecting husband, (let’s call him Fred) met his amorous date through Match.com and after wining and dining her, accompanied her to a bar where her equally attractive friend showed up.

After plying Fred with “shooters and kisses”, the two women suggested they go back home for some time in the hot tub. Alas, it was not to be, because Fred was arrested for drunk driving before he even drove a mile from the bar.

The story goes that lawyer Mary Nolan stumbled upon this information and returned to court to advise the judge her client’s husband had been convicted of DUI.

Fred, a respected engineer, lost time with his children and went from solid citizen and Cub Scout leader to criminal and deadbeat dad within 16 months. He reported that the incident was devastating.

Lawyer Mary Nolan has not spoken with the media.

If Ms. Nolan was the author and initiator of Mr. Butler’s scheme, she deserves scorn and disdain. If she was another victim of Mr. Butler’s misguided professional services, she has my sympathy.

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


5 thoughts on “Dirty Divorce Tricks

  1. Ms. Nolan is not worthy of your sympathy. She sent two Subpoena’s to the Concord Police Records Department, the first within a month of my 12/12/2008 DUI arrest. Both were rejected (she had not notified me). She included the CPD letter rejecting her subpoenas, in an OST motion she filed 27 Feb 2009. The motion also claimed she & Susie had just learned of the DUI’s on 23 Feb 2009. But I like that you give people the bennefit of the doubt.

    1. I am in a case with Mary Nolan as the opposing counsel. I have been trying to get in contact with others that have had contact with her in the court room. I have proof and am going to court in a couple months with her and will show that she lied, omitted evidence and knowingly mislead the court. I am at 0ne26bug@yahoo.com if you know anyone that would like to share other info with me…

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