Super Bowl Lawsuits

How would you feel if you bought an overpriced ticket for last Sunday’s Super Bowl, only to arrive at the stadium and find out they had no seats left? That’s what happened to 400 football fans last week.

Or how about if you belonged to the Dallas Cowboys “Founders” Group and paid $1,200.00 a ticket with the promise you would get the best seats in the house with incomparable view lines, but you ended up sitting on a rickety folding chair with a partially obstructed view?

You too might be unhappy. Both groups have brought action against the National Football League and the Dallas Cowboys for breach of contract, fraud and deceptive practices.

In an effort to appease the disgruntled fans the NFL has offered to pay $2,400.00 cash and provide one ticket for next year’s game to each claimant or offer one ticket to any other future Super Bowl game and pay for return airfare and accommodation. The problem is that the proposed reimbursement bears no relation to the costs the aggrieved fans paid for their 2011 Super Bowl tickets.

Meanwhile, some class action lawyers are advertising their services in an effort to attract all the “victims” of this year’s Super Bowl and have established websites like “”.

Legal pundits predict that the NFL will end up suing the class action lawyers for trademark infringement by using the words “Super Bowl” on their websites. Only in America, you say?

Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang


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